Window Styles for Your Home Makeover

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When making over a home, one design element that homeowners often overlook are the windows. With windows being able to add (or detract) from a look, it is important that they are addressed in any home renovation design. As providers of replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, we are going to share some popular window styles you should consider for your home renovation.  

Casement Windows  

Casement windows are unique in that they open with a crank and open outward on a hinge rather than sliding open. Because of how they wing and are able to open completely, they provide maximum air flow and can be a great addition to any room.  

One thing to consider is that since these windows do swing out like a door, you will need to ensure they will have the room they need on the exterior of the house to fully open properly.  

Awning Windows  

Awning windows are similar to casement windows except that instead of swinging out from the side hinge like a door, their hinge is located at the top so they swing outward and up. These can be a nice option if casement windows won’t work because of an outside obstruction or other issue.  

Picture Windows 

Picture windows can be a beautiful as they offer a ton of natural light to come the room as well as provide unobstructed views of the outside. However, they may not be the best choice if you want air flow as picture windows are locked in place and have no opening mechanism.

Bay Windows  

Bay windows refers to a grouping of windows that extends past the house. Because of the extension, on the inside of the house there is a bay or shelf created. The windows meet at angles and can have several panels of windows. The more window panels, the bigger the bay window will be. These windows can be a lovely addition to a bedroom, nursery, or breakfast area.

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Double-Hung Windows  

This is the most common type of window in homes. There are panes of glass that slide up or down to open and close the window. These are easy to clean and require less room to operate as other choices such as casement and awning style windows. This windows can be found in available frames of different colors and styles so that you can still get a unique look with these windows.  

Sliding Windows  

Sliding windows offer a picture view like picture windows, but also open and allow ventilation like double hung windows making them a great choice. These windows slide with a horizontal opening style. Because of this they can be perfect for locations where it may be more difficult to open other style windows like about a kitchen sink or in a bathroom.  

Final Thoughts  

While often times the windows are overlooked in home makeovers, you can see that with so many styles and type to choose from, this is a design element that can great enhance a space. To learn more about replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, and which ones might be right for your home project, come by or give us a call today.