Window Condensation: Should I Be Concerned?

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Are you finding condensation on your home windows? While this can oftentimes be nothing to worry about, it is something to pay attention to as it can sometimes result in a larger issue. Knowing more about why it is happening can help you decide if it’s time for new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA. Let’s look at what condensation is, why it can form, and the best solutions.

What is Condensation?

You will find condensation occurring when moist, warmer indoor air collides with a colder surface, such as your windows. This will cause small water droplets to form. Think of a cold soda can outside on a hot summer day. The hot summer air collides with the cold soda can resulting in water droplets forming on the outside of the can. This is the same with your windows.

Is Condensation Harmful to My Windows?

Condensation on its own isn’t especially harmful to your windows, however, if you are having persistent condensation and leaving it untreated, over time it can create bigger issues. Some of these are the creation of mold and mildew. It can also wrap and damage organic materials such as wood.

Ways to Reduce Condensation

As mentioned, condensation occurs when the warmer, moist interior air hits the colder window surfaces, so reducing things that limit the inside humidity can greatly help in reducing the condensation. Some of these things include:

  • Run bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans- Cooking and bathing create a lot of excess moisture and humidity. Using the exhaust fans can greatly reduce the amount of humidity that stays in the air. It is suggested that you run these fans during these activities as well as about 15-20 minutes afterward
  • Leave interior doors open to keep air circulating- Letting the inside air circulate can help reduce the humidity from gathering all in one area of the house. Keep the doors open and turn on ceiling fans for maximum airflow.
  • Use a home dehumidifier – These appliances help pull moisture from the air, so they are a great tool to reduce the overall humidity.
  • Crack your windows open occasionally – If it’s not too cold out, crack your windows open when you can. This allows any moisture and humidity that has been trapped in your windows a chance to escape and reduce buildup.
  • Move plants away from windows- If you are noticing a lot of condensation and have plants on the windowsill, move them to another space. Plants release moisture into the air so they can be making the condensation worse.

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When is Condensation a Problem?

While a little condensation is normal and treatable, there are times when it may be a bigger issue. If you notice condensation occurring between the windowpanes, this may indicate a faulty seal and would be a time to call in professionals.

Final Thoughts

Although condensation occurs mostly in the winter months, it can happen any time the inside air contains more moisture and is warmer than the window surface. Taking action to help reduce this condensation is always a good idea as the water droplets that form can do damage over time.

If you are concerned about condensation that is happening on your windows or is ready to install new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA., give us a call. We are happy to help answer any questions and help you however we can.