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is a family business that has been committed to customer service in residential capacity.  We provide excellent custom window and door  replacement service to our customers, exhibiting a personal commitment that can only be found in a family business. Customer service has always been our goal, which is why we are committed to servicing multiple points in Northern California, from the Central Valley to the Bay Area. We are willing to do our very best to satisfy your home or business improvement needs and will be waiting for your call to show you how committed we are to our customers!

In addition, we can send experienced service technicians directly to your home, business, or institution in our Northern California service area to diagnose and solve your window or door problems. The majority of our expanding business comes to us by referral from former customers and repeat customers.

These are not just words at My Window & Door Solutions. Our reputation is on the line every day. And it will cost you nothing to come talk to us about it. Our success is also due, in big part, to the way we treat our employees and customers – we treat everyone with integrity. And we try to ensure our staff treats you the same way.

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a voluntary labeling program initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficient products. At My Window & Door Solutions, we only carry brands with qualifying Energy Star products so that we can pass the energy savings on to you.

Benefits of Using Energy Star Windows:

  • Save money!
  • Maintain comfortable temperatures – Even non-leaky windows can cool air near windows if they are not energy efficient
  • Reduce or eliminate condensation
  • Glass coatings help protect against UV damage

Energy Star aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting energy efficient products, saving consumers billions of dollars per year.  In fact, Americans saved about $19 billion on utility costs in 2008 alone with the help of Energy Star. At My Window & Door Solutions, we strive to save you money by providing a product line that is second-to-none in energy efficiency. Because we carry the most sustainable windows and doors on the market, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the most value. These top-of-the-line windows and doors will pay for themselves.  All of our brands carry Energy Star products that will save you money, help you live more comfortably, and reduce our carbon footprint. In the end, everyone is happy!

Why Choose Us

With a reputation built on customer satisfaction, we stand the test of time…

Upgrading your home with new windows and doors is an important investment and our staff recognizes this. You’ll not find high-pressure sales tactics here.  Our experienced representatives will work with you to pin-point an optimal solution for each opening in your home. We are happy to give you a free quote, where we’ll take the time to outline the best layouts for your home, based on your needs. We only ask that you give us the chance to earn your business. No strings attached.

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