What to Know About Rattling Windows

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One common concern people have about their windows is when they start hearing them rattle. This can be a sign that something is not working as well as it should be and it is something that you want to consider with care. A rattling window can have many causes, so it can be important to know what is the cause in your home. Here are some things that providers of replacement windows in Mountain View, CA want you to keep in mind when dealing with a rattling window.


A loose glass pane can cause windows to rattle. This is one of the most common reasons for rattling windows. Since glass panes are installed with putty, a change in the consistency of that putty can cause them to move about. Many times during winter, the putty may crack or fall off altogether, which is a concern. Changes in temperature can cause this. One way of fixing it, at least short-term, is to apply caulking. Keep in mind that in the long run, you will have to turn to an expert to help you.


Something else that may cause rattling windows is loose sashes. If you live somewhere that receives extreme temperatures, this can cause the sash to warp. A warped sash will not be able to grip the window pane as powerfully as it needs to and this can be a concern. A window pane that is moving about can get cracks or can even fall off completely and break. If you see that the sash is loose, you have to reach out to an expert for help. Sometimes, the hardware of the sash can be replaced, but other times, the whole thing needs to be redone.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Another cause of rattling windows is wood rot. If your windows are made of wood, this can be a common issue, especially if the windows are old. Wood rot can happen if there has been a lot of moisture or if the windows have not been maintained as well as they needed to be. The rot causes spaces to form in the wood and this can make it warp. It can also allow drafts to make it into the house. If you see signs of wood rot or if you suspect this is the issue, you want to reach out to experts for help.


When you notice that some windows in your home are rattling, you will want to take time to see what the cause is so that it can be resolved. You do not want to run into more issues, so it can always be a good option to reach out to experts for help. To know more about rattling windows, you can turn to a Mountain View, CA replacement window provider like us at My Window & Door Solutions. We have years of experience helping people with their windows, so do not hesitate to contact us. You can stop by our location or you can give us a call right now to know more.