What the ENERGY STAR Label Means for Winnows

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Homeowners may choose new replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. for several various reasons. Some may desire to upgrade the overall look of their home. Others may do so out of necessity as their old windows are simply do not function properly anymore. One very popular reason homeowners choose to upgrade their windows is to ensure tier home is as energy efficient as it can be.

With advances in new technology as well as design, windows today are much better at keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is very appealing to homeowners as it not only keeps their family more comfortable but can help their HAVC system to run so hard all the time.

So when it comes time for your new windows, how can you be sure you are selecting energy efficient ones? One way is looking for the ENERGY STAR label.

What is the ENERGY STAR Label?

The ENERGY STAR label was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) back in 1992 as part of a program to help reduce greenhouse emissions. However, it wasn’t until 1995 that the program extended to include appliances, office equipment, and heating and cooling systems. It can now be found on a variety of products stretching across various industries.

ENERGY STAR Ratings and Windows

Windows are given and ENERGY STAR rating based on their test results. These tests results are from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and are based on the U-Factor, which is a measurement of heat transfer, solar gain coefficient (SHGC), air leakage, visible transmittance, and condensation resistance.

Did you get all that? Don’t worry if you don’t understand it as  ENERGY STAR’s final rating are a number that is easy for consumers to understand. This number ranges from .25 to 1.25 with the lower value being more efficient.

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Why Does the ENERGY STAR Rating Matter?

So why should you be concerned with the ENERGY STAR rating when it comes to your new home windows? Well, choosing windows with a good rating can:

  • Help you save money on your home’s utility bills
  • Help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provide peace of mind knowing your windows are certified and labeled
  • Provide your home a more comfortable and consistent temperature
  • Help protect your floors and furnishings from damage that can be caused by UV light

How to Find ENERGY STAR Windows

When you are ready for your new windows, finding one that have been rated by ENERGY STAR is easy. Most all window providers will typically offer many ENERGY STAR window options. To find a local window installer near you, simply look online or ask your friends and/or family if they have worked with one in the past that they would recommend.

Final Thoughts

When selecting your new windows, make sure to communicate with the window provider what your needs are. Are you wanting the windows that block more of the hot afternoon sun? Do you want the windows to allow more light in? Letting your window provider know you what you are wanting to get out of your windows can help them in suggesting the perfect replacement windows in Los Altos, CA.