What Is the Best Season to Replace My Windows?

replacement windows in Los Altos, CA

If you are having new replacement windows installed in your home, you may wonder when the best time of year is to have this done. While providers of replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. may agree that warmer weather is ideal, such as spring and summer, they will also agree that each season has its own benefits. Let’s look at how the seasons compare.


Spring is a season of warmer weather and more sunshine. It is a season of new growth and for many homeowners, a season of new projects. With the cold winter melting away and the rising temperatures, this can be a wonderful time to have your windows installed. Another benefit to this season is that the days are longer with more hours of sunlight. This could help reduce the number of days it takes for your installation.

One drawback to spring is that, depending on where you live, you may face a season that includes a lot of rainy days. Unpredictable weather can delay your project from getting completed, or from starting altogether.


With its warm weather and good conditions, summer is typically the busiest season for window installers. Because of this, you may find it difficult to schedule your installation for the time frame you want. This may become even more of a hassle if you have to work around any family vacations or if you plan on hosting any summer pool parties, barbeques, etc.

If you want the best chance of scheduling your installation on the dates you need, July is normally the safest bet. Many families are focused on back-to-school activities and are too busy to start any new home projects.



Autumn is a wonderful time to have your windows installed because, typically, the weather is cooler with mild conditions. Also, there are fewer insects flying around than in the spring and summer months which means less chance of them ending up in your home.

While autumn isn’t as busy of a season as the summer, window installations may increase. This is because with the cooler air making an appearance, homeowners may begin to feel drafts around their windows and want to have new windows installed before the more extreme colder months of winter arrive.


Winter installations definitely have some big pros and cons. One big con is, of course, the weather. Depending on where you live, you may experience very cold temperatures making this a less than ideal time for opening up your house. While this is a drawback, it also is an advantage in that this is typically a slower season for window installers. This means you may have a much easier time scheduling and getting your project complete in the time frame you want.

One trade-off you make with a winter installation is that, while you might be uncomfortable during the installation, afterward, your new windows are going to help keep your family comfortable and warm all season long.

When you are ready for your new replacement windows in Los Altos, CA, don’t wait “until the time is right” to have them installed. With each season having its own pros and cons, and new windows adding so much to your home, any time of year is a perfect time.