Vocabulary in the Replacement Window Industry

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When making an important purchase like that of replacement windows, you will want to have as much information and knowledge about them as possible. This means knowing a bit about the vocabulary and terminology that providers use to describe windows. There are some common terms that you may hear and which you want to keep in mind. Here are the ones that providers of replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA want you to know about so that you can make the best purchase.


Sashes is a word that you are bound to hear when choosing replacement windows. The sash is the part of the window in which the pane of glass is fitted. This can cause issues sometimes, with sashes losing their sealant and needing to be replaced. There can be more than one sash in a window, and some can move in one direction while others move in the other. This is important to consider if you want double hung windows and other similar options.


Another common word that you may hear is a pane. The pane is the glass that makes up the window. Some windows have only one pane of glass while others have two or three. The more panes of glass the window has the better insulation and energy efficiency that you can expect. Take some time to think about what suits your home best and what fits your budget.


Gas fillings are another thing that you may encounter as you decide on the best options for your home. When a window has two or three panes of glass, gas is added in between the panes to offer even more insulation. This gas tends to be either argon or krypton. It can be a bit more expensive to have gas fillings but it can definitely make a difference in the energy efficiency of your window.


Another term you may hear is E-rating. Replacement windows all have energy ratings and this is something that you want to know about so that you can choose the option that is best for your home. The energy efficiency rating you want is one that can allow your air conditioning and heating units to not have to work very hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature level. You can learn more about energy efficiency by speaking to the provider you are considering.

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Knowing these terms can make it easier for you to choose the best replacement window for your home. There are lots of options and you do not want to be confused as you make this decision. You can reach out to experts to hear more about these terms and to get started choosing the windows you want. Learn more by contacting a Los Gatos, CA replacement window provider like us at My Window & Door Solutions LLC. We can help you find the best options for your property and for your budget. You can give us a call right now or stop by our location to speak with one of our experts.

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