Vinyl or Fiberglass Replacement Windows?

Sunnyvale, CA replacement window

Purchasing the right replacement windows for your home can take some time. This is because there are lots of options out there that can be great for your home. Two very popular choices these days are vinyl and fiberglass windows, with each one being a great option for most homes. If you are not sure which one is best for your property, Sunnyvale, CA replacement window companies can offer some tips that can help you decide.  

For those who are more environmentally concerned and who want to ensure that they do not put more of a strain on the earth, fiberglass tends to be the best option. Fiberglass is usually made up of up to 60% of recycled glass. That is not the case with vinyl, although vinyl itself can be recycled. If you want to make your home as “green” as possible, opt for fiberglass replacement windows.   

Color options are another thing to consider when deciding on the kind of replacement windows you want to purchase. It is important to note that vinyl cannot be painted white, so if that is the color that you wanted for your home, you will have to turn to fiberglass. Any other color, however, can be possible with either material. It will depend on the manufacturer, of course, since not all companies can provide all kinds of colors, so be sure to contact them before making a decision.   

Maintenance is easy for both of these materials. Although fiberglass tends to be sturdier, both require only a quick clean every once in a while to stay looking and functioning their best. You should know that vinyl does not need to be repainted, while fiberglass does, so if this is something you want to avoid, vinyl could be the right choice.   

Energy efficiency is another thing to consider when choosing between vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows. Because fiberglass does not have a thermal barrier, it tends to be more efficient than vinyl. It is also less likely to expand and contract than vinyl, which means there is less chance of warping. If high energy efficiency is vital to you, you want to choose fiberglass for your home.   

Of course, cost is usually a deciding factor. Vinyl windows are more affordable than fiberglass ones, so if you are working with a limited budget or you have many windows to replace, you may want to choose it. If you are in need of only a couple of windows and you have the budget for it, perhaps fiberglass might be the best choice.   

Depending on your budget, your color preferences, and the energy efficiency you expect from your windows, either vinyl or fiberglass will be better for your home. If you are still undecided, speak with companies that offer replacement windows in Sunnyvale, CA. They can provide you with the guidance you need to make a decision. Get started by visiting a company like My Window & Door Solutions LLC at 1510 Oakland Rd., Suite 130 San Jose, CA 95112 or calling them directly at (408) 437-6274. 

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