Tips for Your Replacement Window Installation

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Your old home windows weren’t cutting it anymore so you have decided to have new replacement windows installed. You have found the window provider, choose all of your windows, and now you may be wondering how do you prepare your house for this installation project? While not difficult, there are some important steps you should take to ensure an easy and smooth installation. Providers of replacement windows in Mountain View, CA have these tips to help.

Before the Installation

There are a few tasks that you will need to complete before the installation day. Some of these tasks include:

  • Taking down any window treatments – Make sure to remove any curtains, blinds, shutters, etc. as well as the hardware such as curtain rods
  • Cover or move any furniture – Clearing a space for the contractors to work and access what they need easily can go a long way in helping the project run in a timely manner. Also, moving and covering furniture ensures it will not get dirty or damaged in the process.
  • Arrange child care/pet care – If you have children and/or pets it can be a good idea to find another place for them during the installation day. This is to keep them safe from any nails or other materials as well as keep them from getting underfoot of the contractors.
  • Block off the time on your calendar – You want to ensure you are there when the contractors arrive and are installing the windows. Block off time on your calendar so that you have this time assigned.

Day of Installation

The big day is here! This can be a very exciting (and very hectic) day. To help it run more smoothly make sure to:

  • Disable any security alarms – With people coming in and out as well as windows being taken down, you don’t want to have to constantly run and shut off alarms. To avoid this, make sure the main alarm is disabled.
  • Talk to the lead contractor about the process – Take some time before the contractors get started to talk to the project manager and make sure you understand what is going to happen, what space they need, how they will access materials, etc. Having a clear understanding of what is going to happen can help you feel more at ease with the chaos.
  • Inspect and approve the windows – Inspect the windows and make sure they are the ones that you ordered. Check for things such as the color and material of the frame as well as any special features such as triple panes or being energy efficient.
  • Be flexible – This is important as unexpected issues may arise. Luckily, since you have hired professionals they should be able to resolve any issues easily.

replacement windows Mountain View, CA

Final Thoughts

Having new replacement windows installed in your home is a very exciting event. By taking care of a few things before the installation, as well as the day of, you are helping ensure that the windows get installed smoothly and timely.

When you are ready for your new replacement windows in Mountain View, CA, give us a call as our knowledgeable staff is always here to help.