The Differences between New Construction and Retrofit Windows

retrofit windows

A few things homeowners might notice with older windows include drafts, moisture leaks, noise pollution, and higher energy bills. These issues all indicate it is time for new windows. And with the right signs, it is an easy decision to make. But a more difficult decision s figuring out how the new windows will be installed. Should homeowners look at new construction windows? Or retrofit windows? Here are some of the details to know and understand when making this decision.

What are New Construction Windows?

New construction windows, as the name implies, are the products used on a new home or new addition to the home. The studs of the home are exposed. And installers can nail the fin frame directly into the framing of the home.

To use new construction windows for home renovations the contractor will need to remove the exterior materials around the window. This will expose the studs and framing to install the new window. So while it is possible, the process of using new construction windows for all window replacement would be much more involved. But for those looking to increase the size of their windows and do not want to be limited by the original opening, they should choose new construction windows.

What is Retrofit Windows?

Alternatively, retrofit windows are a quicker option for home improvements. Retrofit windows, also known as replacement windows, were manufactured so the installers would not have to remove any exterior materials. These products are measured to fit existing window openings, and only the actual windows are replaced instead of any other structures. This saves homeowners on both time and labor costs.

So if the homeowner is happy with the size and placement of the current windows, then retrofitting is a really good option. The straightforward swap makes no alterations to the frame. Homeowners do not have to concern themselves with replacing or repairing any exterior finish. And hardly any other area of the home will be disturbed. This makes these perfect for homeowners working with a limited budget. Aside from quality, there will be almost no discernable difference between the old and new windows. And for those with a tight deadline and not a lot of time to finish the project, the retrofit solution is a much faster installation method.

There are a few disadvantages to retrofit installations. Homeowners are limited to the size of the original frames. Also, if theretrofit windows original frames are no longer square, the new windows will not fit and there is the possibility of leaks. Lastly, if the installation is done poorly, issues will arise that will require more repairs in the future.

Deciding to get replacement windows is easy. But deciding on the type of installation for new windows can prove more difficult. And deciding which installation method, whether it is new construction or retrofit windows, is extremely important. For help figuring out the best solution for your home and budget, contact our window experts today. We can discuss your options and even provide a hassle-free quote on your home improvement project.