The Dangers of Window Leaks

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Have you noticed moisture coming in through your windows on a rainy day? Have you seen a lot of condensation around your windows? If you have, it could be a sign of a leaky window and you might need to consider replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. A lot of things can happen when you have leaky windows. And if the problem is left too long, the damage could be extensive. Here are just a few of the dangers you might face with leaky windows allowing moisture into your home.

1. Cause Window Frames to Rot

You might not notice when moisture first starts to leak into the home. The signs will be small, and you probably won’t see them unless you know what to look for. You might first notice paint bubbling up or yellow stains around the windows. The first thing moisture often comes in contact with is the window frame. And while most replacement window frames should hold up against moisture, before long they will start to rot. The decay can cause warping and other types of damage if left too long without intervention. If this happens, there will be no choice but to get replacement windows.

2. Damage to the Walls of the Home

Moisture will often start at the windows, but it doesn’t end there. In addition to wrecking the window frames, the water can progress to the walls of the home. It will seep into the drywall and cause the paint or wallpaper to start peeling away. This is why you often see paint bubbling up around the windows. Before too long the moisture will even cause the drywall to start sagging or crumbling. This is the worst-case scenario you want to avoid. The moment you start to notice moisture, you need to get repairs.

3. Leak Down into Floors and Carpets

Leaks that are bad enough will continue to trickle down the walls and into the floors and carpets – especially during heavy rainfall. If a leak gets to this point, you will have a much bigger problem on your hands than just a replacement window. You might have to replace walls, baseboards, flooring, carpets, and more. If the water gets far enough, it can even impact the substructures of the home.

replacement windows in Los Altos, CA

4. Produce Mold Growth and Impact Health

Moisture often creates the perfect environment for mold growth. So not only will water leaks wreak havoc on your house, but also your health. Mold will inevitably produce spores which can result in respiratory problems for you and your family.

Have you noticed moisture leaking into your home through the windows? Signs will start small like discoloration, flaking paint, or mold growth. But you can get ahead of larger problems if you invest in replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. Issues will only get progressively yourself if you ignore a leak.

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