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10 Advantages of New Windows

New windows can impact your quality of life in several ways. These small improvements can go a long way in making the home more comfortable, efficient, attractive, and secure. Here are just a few of the common advantages of replacement windows in Mountain View, CA.

Create Comfortable Home

One of the main reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade to new windows is to improve the comfort of their homes. Windows help protect against the elements—keeping the cold, wind, rain, and snow out of the home.

Increase Natural Light

Another reason to upgrade to new windows is a way to get more natural light. Window size and placement can really impact sunlight entering the home. And more light can open up the space, make it more welcoming, and limit the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Eliminate Drafts

New windows have better seals. The window should not leak any air or moisture into the home. Not only does this eliminate chilly air entering the home, but also reduces the risk of water damage.

Lower Energy Bills

With better seals and improved glazing technology, new windows can help improve the insulation and efficiency of the home. In turn, this reduces leaks, limits solar heat gains, and decreases the need for as much heating and cooling.

Ease Operation

As windows age, they can get finicky to open and close. In some cases, homeowners can use silicone spray. But eventually, the operation will not be as smooth as it used to be. And muscling a window open and closed isn’t much fun. New windows glide so easily, it will seem like a night and day difference.

Simplify Maintenance

Maintenance on old windows can feel like the biggest chore. Wood windows are especially difficult when you have to sand and refinish the frames every few years to keep them in top shape. The materials on new windows are practically maintenance-free. Homeowners only need a little mild detergent, some water, and a lint-free cloth to wipe the frames clean and keep them looking new.

Improve Safety & Security

Improved safety features on new windows include reinforced frames, stronger locks, and coated glass. The strength and durability are unmatched.

Decrease Noise Pollution

For a home located in a busy part of town, noise pollution can be a major problem. New windows feature improved technologies to help dampen sound and keep the home sounding and feeling more peaceful.

Boost Curb Appeal

New windows are more attractive and can really amp up the curb appeal of a home. It is like a facelift, taking off a few decades and giving the exterior and interior a much-needed update.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Increase Home Value

New windows are one of the few home improvements that give homeowners an excellent return on their investment. This is an especially important upgrade for anyone with windows more than 15 years old who might want to list their home for sale.

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replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Are Replacement Windows Worth the Cost?

When thinking about the renovation needs for your home it is easy to initially consider the major projects that will have the most visual impact. These include room remodels and exterior updates. Sure, these projects can be rewarding. But they are not always within the budget or the time restraints. Instead, there is one practical home improvement that comes with a high return on your investment – replacement windows in Mountain View, CA.

We get it! Replacement windows may not be the first home improvement to come to mind. New windows may not be as noticeable as other renovations. But that does not mean this home improvement doesn’t come with a long list of benefits. In fact, new windows offer one of the highest return on investment percentages among home improvements. Here are just a few of the ways new windows are worth the investment:

Energy Savings

One of the main reasons why homeowners want to get new windows is to increase insulation and boost energy savings. This is an especially big deal in California. New windows will help cut down on drafts and air leaks while also reducing unwanted solar heat gains. This means that not only will the home be more comfortable throughout the year but also reduces the need for as much heating and cooling. Energy bills go down and the HVAC system lasts longer and requires fewer repairs. This is a win, win situation where you end up saving a lot of money.

Improved Aesthetics

New windows are one home improvement that everyone can appreciate. It will boost curb appeal and attract the attention of prospective buyers if you are thinking about selling your home. Replacement windows can also make the home look good, both inside and outside. It will freshen up the façade, almost like giving your home a facelift.

Better Safety & Security

When it comes to safety and security features, new windows have come a long way. Today replacement windows have more robust frames, impact-resistant safety glass, and stronger locks and latches. All of these features work together to not only make the home safer, but also more secure. That is certainly something to think about when you want to do all you can to help protect your property and your loved ones.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Low Maintenance

The cost of maintenance on old windows can be outrageous. We aren’t only talking about the money spent on refinishing or finding replacement parts, but also the time it takes to keep old windows looking good and functioning properly. New windows come with the added benefit of easy operation and low-maintenance features. Most window styles have removable sashes or tilt-in panes to make cleaning safer and simpler. Also, the frame materials are durable as well as rust and corrosion-resistant. All you need is some mild soap, water, and a soft cloth to clean the frames and keep them looking new.

As with all home improvements and renovations, there is no set standard for how much money you will recoup with replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. There are a lot of factors to consider. This is why it is so important to visit our showroom and sit down with a window professional before investing in new windows.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Make Sure Your Windows are Sealed

Whether winter is bringing in colder temperatures or you are worried about leaking cool air in the warmer months, it is vital to seal your windows to maintain comfortable temperatures inside your home. Not only does it help make the home more inhabitable, but also reduces the cost of heating and cooling. Even with replacement windows in Mountain View, CA, you should still check your windows periodically for leaks.

Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to ignore their windows unless there is a major issue. The problem with this is that most leaks start small. They are easy to repair if you catch them early. But by putting off checks and inspections, the leaks only get worse over time and become a more serious problem. Luckily, sealing off leaks around the windows is fairly simple. And it can save you a significant amount, especially with the monthly energy bills. Here are a few tips you can use to check for and seal off window leaks.

Use Your Senses

When checking for broken seals on your windows, start with a visual inspection. You don’t have to spend hours on each one. Just taking a quick look can tell you a lot. Do you notice any cracks or gaps? These are your primary candidates for further inspection. And once you do a visual check, get in closer and see if you can feel any air leaks. You might notice air escaping or coming inside. It may not be quite as obvious as an open window, but you still might be able to detect a leak. You might want to reserve your inspections for a window day, where the air movement outside will give you a better chance of feeling air movement.

Use the Smoke Test

Another way to test your windows and doors for leaks is a simple smoke test. First, you need to close all the exterior windows and doors in your home. Then you want to turn on all the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. This will help create some negative pressure inside the home. Next, light an incense stick of something similar and pass the smoke around the edges of the windows and doors. Watch the smoke. If it floats up unchanged, then you probably don’t have any serious leaks. But if the smoke gets disturbed by air leaking inside, it will pull towards you and is an obvious sign you need to take more action.


Get an Energy Auditreplacement windows in Mountain View, CA

In some cases, it might be best to simply hire a professional for an infrared energy audit. They will use an infrared thermometer to help detect any leaks from the windows and doors. These tools measure the ambient temperature and show cold patches or warm patches. This will help create a visual map of areas that might require attention. Then a professional will help you pin down the proper strategies to help patch up the leaks and reduce energy costs.

If you notice leaks beyond repair, it might be time for replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. Our team of experts can help you find the right brands and products for the job. Visit our showroom today for more information.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Questions to Ask When Finding a Window Company

When finding a company for replacement windows in Mountain View, CA it is important to find someone you can trust. The home is one of your biggest investments. And if you decide to make improvements, you want to make sure you are getting high-quality work. That is why shopping around is important. That is the best way to find a reliable installer. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the questions you can ask to find out more about a new window company.

How Long has the Company Been in Business?

It might be tempting to choose a new company to work with because of the price of their services. But the truth is, you could be putting your investment at risk with a company that does not have a lot of experience. It is better to find a window company with a couple of decades worth of installations under their belt.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

It isn’t prying to ask if a company is licensed and insured. It gives you security. It is a way for a company to demonstrate its expertise and also gives you that safety net if an accident were to happen on the job on your property. So ask to see their documentation and then follow up with the insurance company if you feel the need to verify coverage.

Can They Provide References?

A reliable company that has been in business for a long while should be able to provide you with a long list of happy customers. These references and reviews will demonstrate their quality of work and level of customer service. You will get a really good handle on the reputation of the company if you ask for photos of completed projects and ask customers how the company handled service and resolved problems.

Do They Provide In-Home Consultations?

Most window installers will provide in-home consultations. It is the best way to take measurements, address the requirements of the space, and provide the best advice on style and functionality. It will also show you exactly what you will be working with as far as their attitude, enthusiasm, and expertise.

Do They Hire Subcontractors for Installations?

Some window companies hire out their installations to subcontractors, but this usually isn’t the best business practice. You want to find a company that has its own installation crews. These people will know their products inside and out and will be able to handle any issues that arise because they often get their training directly from the manufacturer.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Will They Provide a Detailed Bid?

When getting a bid from a window company you want to get as detailed a quote as possible. A good bid will include the price of products, labor, and materials, and include the project start and finish dates for the project. It should also outline the payment terms and you should expect to pay only 20 to 30 percent at the start of the job. Never pay the entire cost before work is complete!

These are just a few questions you can ask to help you find the best contractor for replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. Ready to get started? Set up a consultation with our window experts.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

5 Window Styles for Superior Ventilation

Windows primarily provide natural light and ventilation, especially in areas where the climate is relatively moderate year-round. And when designing a home, window placement and window styles are some of the most important decisions. Which replacement windows in Mountain View, CA are best for natural ventilation? It depends on your needs, desire, and the configuration of the room. But here are some suggestions that can set you on the right path:

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows allow for superior ventilation. The traditional window style features one sash that hinges to the side of the window frame and swings out to open. You can get complete control over ventilation by opening the window with just a crack or swinging it fully open. These windows are modern, secure, and timeless. They work well in almost any room in the house but are especially useful in hard-to-reach areas like above the kitchen sink or behind the living room couches.

2. Awning Windows

Awning windows are another product gaining popularity. These windows are much like casement windows, in that they are a single sash that uses a hinge to open and close. But instead of having hinges at the side of the window frame, awning windows hinge at the top of the frame and push outward to open. These windows are an excellent choice for ventilation because the glass creates a roof over the window opening. This allows you to open the windows even if it is raining outside.

3. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a popular choice for many reasons. They are easy to manufacture, easy to install, and easy to operate. There are not as many mechanical parts and absolutely no concerns about weight-bearing hinges. Sliding windows are configured so that one sash remains fixed while the other sash slides horizontally back and forth. These windows usually have a wider orientation and do not take up any extra space to open and close. These are such a classic and versatile window style it is no wonder they appear in almost every home.

4. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are another traditional window style. These windows have a more vertical orientation, making them taller than they are wide. And one sash slides up and down inside the window frame on riggings of springs and balances. The other sash remains fixed. Just like sliding windows, single-hung windows do not require any extra space to open and close. These windows can work well in any area of the home but are particularly attractive when used in a series of windows or as part of a larger window installation.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

5. Double-Hung Windows

These windows take single-hung windows to the next level because both sashes slide up and down inside the frame. They are ideal for ventilation because they encourage natural airflow. When both the upper and lower sash open at the same time, warm air flows out the top while cool air comes in through the bottom. The natural circulation will improve air quality inside the home and help create a more comfortable environment.

Contact our experts for more help figuring out which replacement windows in Mountain View, CA are best for ventilation. We can help you find the best products for your home and your budget.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

6 Factors that Affect Your Budget for Replacement Windows

Do you have windows that are leaky, drafty, or outdated? This means you should be in the market for replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. You don’t want to wait too long before getting the ball rolling. But a replacement window project can be a rather large investment. Here are five main factors that affect the cost of new windows:

1. Materials

Most replacement windows are made from four frame materials: vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each material comes at a distinct price point and value. Vinyl windows are the most affordable. They offer great insulation and are weather-resistant. But they do not last as long as the other window materials. Fiberglass window frames are strong, durable, long-lasting, and efficient. But the higher price point often puts them beyond the budget of many homeowners.

2. Window Size

Size does matter. When shopping for replacement windows, bigger isn’t always better. And it will certainly be more expensive. This is because larger windows require more materials. And more materials also cost more. Bay and bow windows are some of the largest window installations on the market. They are also some of the most expensive. Smaller window installations will be more affordable—which is something to keep in mind when trying to stay within a budget.

3. Window Type

Standard window styles and sizes get mass-produced by the manufacturers. Because there are no customizations, the savings get passed down to the customers and the builders. Standard windows usually include picture windows, sliding windows, and double-hung windows. They are also a bit easier to transport and install. Thus, choosing these windows can help lower the cost of this home improvement project.

4. Color Options

Again, just as there are standard sizes and styles for windows, there are also some standard color options. They are often neutral colors meant to match a variety of interior and exterior styles. These standard colors usually come at a discount. And any customizations in colors and coatings will increase the price of the products. White, tan, grey—these are all relatively affordable. Green, red, black—these colors will end up costing more.

replacement windows Mountain View, CA

5. Glazing Upgrades

Glass packages come in a variety of different upgrades. And each new technology or customization will increase the price. This is where it is most important to weigh the cost versus the value of these upgrades. Most homeowners do not need triple-pane windows. But upgrading to a Low-E coating will help improve insulation and is well worth the cost. Upgrades with any etched designs or grilles for the glass will end up costing more as well.

6. Labor and Installation

The last thing that contributes to the price is the removal of the old windows and the installation of the new ones. The size, weight, and awkwardness of the window installation could cause a rise in price that you might not otherwise expect. That said, most labor costs are fairly even across the board. Just be sure to find a professional contractor you can trust to get the job done right.

Replacement windows in Mountain View, CA will be an investment. Luckily there are several factors you can manipulate to help keep your project on budget. The best thing you can do is work with a window professional from the very beginning.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Is Fall the Best Time for Replacement Windows?

Summer is out the door and cooler weather is on the way. Now is the time to start preparing for winter. And for some homeowners, that might mean getting replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. Window replacement can be done at any time. But is fall really the best time to get new windows? Here are some of the main benefits of scheduling an autumn installation.

1. Easy Scheduling for Window Installation

Summer is usually a busy time for window installation. That can make it difficult to schedule appointments for a convenient installation. In the fall, things start to ease up and slow down for many window companies. This leads to optimal scheduling for clients looking to get new windows. More open scheduling means homeowners can set an appointment that works for their schedule.

2. Higher Energy Savings Year-Round

Ready to start saving money on energy expenses? One of the best upgrades that homeowners can do is get new windows with better energy ratings. These upgrades will not only help keep the home comfortable but also drive down energy costs the moment installation is complete. And these savings work year-round, keeping cool air inside during the summer and warm air inside during the winter. From month to month and year to year, those savings will add up quickly.

3. Take Advantage of Moderate Temperatures

Fall is not too hot and not too cold. This makes it just right for a lot of home improvement projects, but most especially window installation. Most installers prefer to perform installations when temperatures hover around 60 degrees. Not only does it keep the home comfortable during installation, but also reduces thermal expansion or shrinkage and allows for the caulking to properly adhere and seal off the windows. And a high-quality installation is necessary if homeowners want their new windows to last.

replacement windows Mountain View, CA

4. Capitalize on Competitive Deals

Fall begins the fourth quarter for retailers. This is the time of year to fulfill quotas, sell off stock, and maximize deals before the end of the year. Think of special rebates and bulk discounts. This is the time to look for financing deals and promotional offers so homeowners get the best value out of their replacement windows.

5. Get the Home Ready for Winter

Winter is coming. And though the temperatures in the area do not often drop below freezing, nights do get chilly. And fall is just a friendly reminder that now is the time to prepare the home for winter. And prepping for winter should include making sure the home is protected and insulated. By getting replacement windows installed in the fall, homeowners can maximize their enjoyment and comfort during winter.

If you missed the window on your summer project, no worries! There is still plenty of time to get replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. Contact us to set up a hassle-free window consultation. Our experts can help you find the best products for your home and an installation date that works best for your schedule. Call us today!

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Consider These Things When Selecting Your Kitchen Windows

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. We believe this to be true. Afterall, the kitchen is where you gather with your family to make Sunday breakfast, it’s where friend migrate to when hosting parties, and it’s the place you cook for your family always adding in that special ingredient of love. Whether you are having a new home built, or upgrading your current one, providers of replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. understand your kitchen will undoubtedly be a main focal point.

Other than the type of flooring, backsplash, appliances, and paint color, one important element to decide is what type of window should be installed. With so many to choose from, this can be a very difficult decision. To help this process go a little easier, here are some things you should keep in mind when making this important purchase.

Maximum Light

When looking at window and styles, consider a window that will allow in as much natural light as possible. Afterall, you don’t want the heart of your home to be dark and dim. Choosing a window that allows the light to come in will keep your kitchen bright, open, and airy, and a place people want to hang out.

Easy to Operate

If you have a window above the kitchen sink, you may want to look at styles that are easy to operate from that angle. For example, a sliding or casement window might be easier to open and close rathe than a double hung window as it could be difficult to get the leverage you need to operate it easily.

Color and Style

While you want a window that functions well and has the features you want, let’s get real, it also has to look good. You don’t want to have this amazing kitchen only to have a window that looks outdated or out of place. Luckily today there are so many options, colors, and styles that you are sure to find one that matches your exact design aesthetic.

replacement windows Mountain View, CA

Consider the Ventilation

Opening your windows and allowing the fresh air to come in is always such a nice way to make your home feel clean and fresh. This can be especially true in the kitchen. As kitchens get warm from steam and smoke, you are going to want to make sure you can keep the air circulating well.

Best Type of Kitchen Windows

Now that you have an idea of some things to consider you might be wondering what type of windows you should be looking to purchase. The most popular choices of windows for kitchens are sliding windows, garden windows, double-hung, and casement windows.

When selecting the type, keep the location of the window in mind as well as these other considerations we have mentioned in this article and you will be sure to choose the perfect window.

If you are ready for replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. or would like help selecting the perfect window for your kitchen, give us a call anytime and talk one-on-one with one of our window professionals.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Tips for Designing a Nursery

Are you planning your nursery but not sure where to start? With everything you need such as a crib and changing table, as well as so many themes and designs to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. Luckily providers of replacement windows in Mountain View, CA share these tips to help you create the perfect space for your new addition.  

Get Inspired 

A great way to start designing your nursey to is to find inspiration. This can be done by looking at pictures online, from magazines, or pictures you take from shops or other places that inspire you. Once you have some of these pictures, gather them together and create a mood board. If you do this online a great website to use is Pinterest. If this is a physical board, simply get a corkboard and arrange all of the mages on it with pushpins. This will help give you a design idea in mind of color and other elements you like. 

Choose Your Colors 

Once you have your mood board, the colors of the nursery should be pretty obvious as most of your images probably contain these hues. Using this inspiration, determine what colors you will be using as your nursery color palette.  

Determine the Layout  

Nurseries tend to have zones. These zones include places for feeing, sleeping, and changing. Determine the layout of the room so that these zones are all addressed. It may be helpful to sketch out the layout before you get started so you can avoid having to move all of the furniture pieces around as you try to settle on a final layout. 

Add Décor 

While the color palette sets the mood of the room, the décor is what really brings it all together. Whether you choose a theme such as a jungle, or simply stick to a soft color palette, choose decor that coincides with the look and feel of the space.

replacement windows Mountain View, CA

Make it Special  

Paying attention to and adding in extra elements can truly make your nursery special. Things like a sound machine, lush soft rugs, and changing the lighting are just some of the ways you can enhance the space. 

Don’t Forget the Windows  

There are times when you are going to want to have the natural light fill up the nursery, and times you want to keep it out. Because of this, you need to make sure you don’t overlook the windows.  

Consider hanging up blackout curtains so that when baby is sleeping, you can create a nice dark space. To maximize the natural light make sure your windows are clean and free from damage.  

You may want to even consider replacing any old windows in the space with new replacement ones. Not only will this help allow maximize light to come in, but it can also help keep the nursery a more comfortable temperature with energy effect window options.  

To learn more about replacement windows in Mountain View, CA and how they can enhance your nursey, give us a call today to learn about your many different options.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Open Your Windows: The Benefits of Fresh Air in Your Home

Do you always have your home windows closed? We get it. With the summer days getting hotter and the winter nights getting colder, relying on your heating and cooling is essential. However, what about those days or times of the year when the temperature outside is nice and the air is fresh? Do you still have your windows closed? Did you know that opening them up and letting that fresh air in actually provides benefits for your family? Providers of replacement windows in Mountain View, CA share these benefits and offer tips on how to read them.

Benefits of Fresh Air in Your Home

Besides just making your home smell and feel better, you might be surprised to learn what other benefits allowing fresh air in your home can provide. Some of these include:

  • Reduces allergens and dust – This may seem counterproductive, but opening your windows actually allows dust and allergens to move to the outside. This can relieve issues such as coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and other allergy symptoms.
  • Can help eliminate pet and cooing odors – Getting a fresh breeze going through your home can help carry those bad smells right out of there.
  • Improves your mood (and wellness) – Did you know that when you open your windows you are actually increasing the concentration of oxygen? By doing this, your serotonin levels increase. And, since that is the chemical responsible for good vibes, your overall mood and happiness increase.
  • Helps reduce condensation (and mildew) – Airing out your home can help have moisture leave the space before it starts to grow mold and mildew which can cause serious damage.
  • Saves money on the heating and cooling bill – This should be pretty obvious, but when your windows are open, your heating or cooling is shut off. This ends up saving you money as you are not running that electricity all day.

replacement windows Mountain View, CA

How to Ventilate Your Home

Ventilating your home so that you can take advantage of these benefits is not difficult. To help make it even easier, here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure all windows are operable – To get the maximum air flow possible through your home, you need to make sure all of your windows are able to be open and remain open.
  • Make sure your windows are clean – To make sure you are not blowing more dust and debris through your home with the breeze, make sure your window frames are clean and free of any dust or dirt that may become airborne.
  • Make it a regular thing – Aim to have your windows open for at least 15 minutes at a time at a minimum of five days a week. Don’t stress out if the weather doesn’t permit this- just aim for as many days a week as you can.
  • Open certain windows at certain times – Typically, opening the windows that are facing the south and east is best to open early in the day for a cool breeze. To keep air circulating it is good to open the windows on the north or west sides of the home.

If you are ready to install new replacement windows in Mountain View, CA so that you can make the most of the fresh air, give us a call and lets get started today!