Steps to Designing Your Perfect Nursery

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Congratulations! You are going to have a baby! While this is the most exciting time of your life, it can also be the most scary and daunting. Thinking about baby names, all the items you have to purchase, setting up the nursery, and more can really add a lot of stress to your life at this time. While we can’t help with naming your baby, we can help in decorating your perfect nursey, From the colors to replacement windows in Los Altos, CA., keep reading to learn what you need.

1. Determine a Theme

The first thing you need to do is to determine a theme. This will be the base for everything else you decide. The most popular trends for themes for 2022 are fairy tales, animals, sports, and fictional characters. Of course, your theme can be anything you wish. You can take inspiration from these trends or movies you’ve seen, books you have read, or even places you’ve been. This step may take the longest so don’t worry if it doesn’t come right away. Everything after this should flow pretty easy!

2. Choose the Colors

Now that you have your theme, the color choice shouldn’t be as difficult since you want something to go along with your theme. If your theme is more general and doesn’t have any specific colors associated with it, you could take inspiration from the color trends for 2022. These colors include green, black, natural, pink, and yellow.

3. Decorate the Walls

Of course, painting the walls a beautiful color will have the most impact, so this should be done first, Once the walls are painted, it’s time to decorate them!. There are many options you can choose from. One is to decorate a more traditional way of hanging framed pictures that go along with your theme. A more modern style consists of painting murals on one or more of the walls.

4. Install the Proper Lighting

Your nursery will be used at different times of the day for different things. Depending on the time and activity, you will want different lighting options. For example, if you are getting baby ready for bed, you will want soft lighting to create a calm, cozy environment. If you are trying to get baby ready for the day, you would opt for brighter light. In either case, one thing that is important for you and baby is to get enough natural light.

Artificial light is just that; artificial. Natural light not only brightens the space, but it also lifts your mood by producing happy hormones in your brain and body. One sure way to get the most natural light is to install new replacement windows. These will allow all the sunshine in while keeping the nursery a comfortable temperature all year round.

Final Thoughtsreplacement windows in Los Altos, CA

While having a baby can be a stressful time, it will also be the most amazing. By taking a few steps to determine your nursery décor, this can be one less thing to stress about. Deciding a theme, choosing the colors, decorating, and making sure you have proper lighting will give you a nursery you and your baby love.

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