Replacement Windows with the Best Natural Ventilation

replacement windows in Los Altos, CA

Ventilation is a key ingredient when shopping for replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. The natural airflow from the windows can freshen up the home and improve indoor air quality. It is also a way to reduce HVAC expenses during the warmer months of the year. Some window styles simply provide better ventilation. Here are the windows to shop for with the best natural ventilation.

Casement Windows

Casement windows operate just like a door. They have a latch that pulls and locks the sash closed against the frame. To open the window, homeowners must undo the latch and use the hand crank to swing the window wide open. Casement windows hinge at the side of the frame and can open and close just a little or open the full way. With these windows, homeowners have full control over the amount of ventilation entering the home. That said, there are some drawbacks. Casement windows open outward and could obstruct walkways or patios. It is important to account for that extra space to make sure these windows can open and close with ease.

Awning Windows

This is another popular window style for homeowners looking to improve natural ventilation. Awning windows are unique because they hinge at the top of the frame and push outward. The sash creates a small protective covering over the window opening. The reason these are so good for ventilation is that homeowners can open them on rainy days and not worry about water getting inside.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard window style—and for good reason. These windows are easy to install. They are also easy to open and close. One sash moves back and forth on a track to open and close the windows. Sliding windows can open just a crack or open wide enough so one-half of the window is open. Best of all, sliding windows do not take up any extra space. These windows do not project outside or require any additional room to open and close.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have that traditional style that many homeowners crave. They feature two sashes that move up and down inside the frame. With these windows, there are so many options for ventilation. Homeowners can open the bottom sash, open the top sash, or open both the top and the bottom at the same time. This creates natural air circulation as stale air escapes out the top while fresh air flows in through the bottom.

replacement windows in Los Altos, CA

Bay Windows

These are projection windows that feature three sashes arranged as a single unit. They have two side panels that usually open and close, and one larger window in the center. Because these windows project outside, they can catch airflow when both of the side panels are open. These are great for ventilation and view. They will also become the focal point of any room and add a little extra square footage to the space.

For more help choosing the right replacement windows in Los Altos, CA for ventilation, contact our design experts. They can help you find the best products for the best price.