Pros and Cons of Full Frame Replacement Windows

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It is always important to know your options before deciding on the best kind of replacement window for your property. This means knowing about the two kinds of replacements that you can choose from. One is a pocket or insert replacement, which replaces only the window, and the other is a full frame replacement, which replaces the frame as well as the window itself. If you are thinking about this last option, you will want to know the pros and cons that you can expect. Here are the things that providers of replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA want you to keep in mind.


One benefit that a full frame replacement offers is that it ensures that the issues that caused the damage in the first place are taken care of. This is something important, because you do not want to run the risk of having the same problems with the replacement windows as you did with your older ones. You will be preventing further damage.


Something you need to keep in mind is that a full frame replacement tends to cost more than other options. This can be an issue for some people and so it is important to remember and to budget accordingly. If you have a lot of windows to replace this may not be the right choice for your needs.


Another benefit that you can expect from a full frame replacement is energy efficiency. When you do only an insert replacement, there can be issues with the fit of the window into the frame, and this can cause drafts and other complaints. When you do the frame and the window at the same time, you will be ensuring that they fit each other perfectly and that there are no drafts. This will make your home more energy efficient and save you money every month in your energy bill.

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Yet another reason to consider a full frame replacement is that it will add value to your home. If you are planning on selling the property in the future and you want to get the most out of it, telling potential buyers that you have done full frame replacements on the windows is something that can help. Do keep that in mind as you consider your options.


These are some of the most important pros and cons that you need to remember when deciding on the best options for your home. A full frame replacement can be the best option for people who want to ensure that their home is protected from drafts and that the same issues that arose with the last windows do not do so again. If you want to hear more about this kind of replacement, you can turn to a Los Gatos, CA replacement window provider like us at My Window & Door Solutions LLC. We have years of experience helping people find the best options for their homes. Stop by our location or call us right now to learn more about what we offer.

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