Open Your Windows: The Benefits of Fresh Air in Your Home

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Do you always have your home windows closed? We get it. With the summer days getting hotter and the winter nights getting colder, relying on your heating and cooling is essential. However, what about those days or times of the year when the temperature outside is nice and the air is fresh? Do you still have your windows closed? Did you know that opening them up and letting that fresh air in actually provides benefits for your family? Providers of replacement windows in Mountain View, CA share these benefits and offer tips on how to read them.

Benefits of Fresh Air in Your Home

Besides just making your home smell and feel better, you might be surprised to learn what other benefits allowing fresh air in your home can provide. Some of these include:

  • Reduces allergens and dust – This may seem counterproductive, but opening your windows actually allows dust and allergens to move to the outside. This can relieve issues such as coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and other allergy symptoms.
  • Can help eliminate pet and cooing odors – Getting a fresh breeze going through your home can help carry those bad smells right out of there.
  • Improves your mood (and wellness) – Did you know that when you open your windows you are actually increasing the concentration of oxygen? By doing this, your serotonin levels increase. And, since that is the chemical responsible for good vibes, your overall mood and happiness increase.
  • Helps reduce condensation (and mildew) – Airing out your home can help have moisture leave the space before it starts to grow mold and mildew which can cause serious damage.
  • Saves money on the heating and cooling bill – This should be pretty obvious, but when your windows are open, your heating or cooling is shut off. This ends up saving you money as you are not running that electricity all day.

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How to Ventilate Your Home

Ventilating your home so that you can take advantage of these benefits is not difficult. To help make it even easier, here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure all windows are operable – To get the maximum air flow possible through your home, you need to make sure all of your windows are able to be open and remain open.
  • Make sure your windows are clean – To make sure you are not blowing more dust and debris through your home with the breeze, make sure your window frames are clean and free of any dust or dirt that may become airborne.
  • Make it a regular thing – Aim to have your windows open for at least 15 minutes at a time at a minimum of five days a week. Don’t stress out if the weather doesn’t permit this- just aim for as many days a week as you can.
  • Open certain windows at certain times – Typically, opening the windows that are facing the south and east is best to open early in the day for a cool breeze. To keep air circulating it is good to open the windows on the north or west sides of the home.

If you are ready to install new replacement windows in Mountain View, CA so that you can make the most of the fresh air, give us a call and lets get started today!