Is Fall the Best Time for Replacement Windows?

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

Summer is out the door and cooler weather is on the way. Now is the time to start preparing for winter. And for some homeowners, that might mean getting replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. Window replacement can be done at any time. But is fall really the best time to get new windows? Here are some of the main benefits of scheduling an autumn installation.

1. Easy Scheduling for Window Installation

Summer is usually a busy time for window installation. That can make it difficult to schedule appointments for a convenient installation. In the fall, things start to ease up and slow down for many window companies. This leads to optimal scheduling for clients looking to get new windows. More open scheduling means homeowners can set an appointment that works for their schedule.

2. Higher Energy Savings Year-Round

Ready to start saving money on energy expenses? One of the best upgrades that homeowners can do is get new windows with better energy ratings. These upgrades will not only help keep the home comfortable but also drive down energy costs the moment installation is complete. And these savings work year-round, keeping cool air inside during the summer and warm air inside during the winter. From month to month and year to year, those savings will add up quickly.

3. Take Advantage of Moderate Temperatures

Fall is not too hot and not too cold. This makes it just right for a lot of home improvement projects, but most especially window installation. Most installers prefer to perform installations when temperatures hover around 60 degrees. Not only does it keep the home comfortable during installation, but also reduces thermal expansion or shrinkage and allows for the caulking to properly adhere and seal off the windows. And a high-quality installation is necessary if homeowners want their new windows to last.

replacement windows Mountain View, CA

4. Capitalize on Competitive Deals

Fall begins the fourth quarter for retailers. This is the time of year to fulfill quotas, sell off stock, and maximize deals before the end of the year. Think of special rebates and bulk discounts. This is the time to look for financing deals and promotional offers so homeowners get the best value out of their replacement windows.

5. Get the Home Ready for Winter

Winter is coming. And though the temperatures in the area do not often drop below freezing, nights do get chilly. And fall is just a friendly reminder that now is the time to prepare the home for winter. And prepping for winter should include making sure the home is protected and insulated. By getting replacement windows installed in the fall, homeowners can maximize their enjoyment and comfort during winter.

If you missed the window on your summer project, no worries! There is still plenty of time to get replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. Contact us to set up a hassle-free window consultation. Our experts can help you find the best products for your home and an installation date that works best for your schedule. Call us today!