How to Hang Curtains with Your Arched Windows

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Arched windows add a very unique style to any room. They bring an interesting focal point and homeowners love them because they truly elevate any style. The one thing that seems to baffle even the most design-savvy homeowners though is how these windows should be covered. Do you use curtains? Should the arch be covered? Luckily providers of replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. share these tips for how to cover your arched windows with curtains.

Curtain Ideas for Arched Windows

If you have are a fan of curtains but not sure if they can work with arched windows, you will be happy to know, they can. In fact, there are several different ways you can hang the curtains each creating its own unique look. These include using swag curtains, standard curtains, and curved curtains.

  • Swag Curtains – With swag curtains, you will use fabric (such as scarves), or a valance to accent the arch. To achieve this look, install a tieback above the center of the arch as well as one on each side. Take the fabric and at the halfway point, loop it around the top center tieback. Then take each side and loop it around that side’s tieback.
  • Standard Curtains – To install standard curtains, take a standard straight curtain rod and install it just below the arch. Hang the curtains on the rod to cover the window. This is a nice option if privacy is not an issue as the arch will remain uncovered.
  • Curved Curtains – If you want privacy and still wish to highlight the shape of the arched windows, consider a curved curtain rod. This will allow you to install it at the top of the arch and hang curtains that will cover the window (and arch) completely.

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Extra Tips for Curtains with Arched Windows

  • If you would like a more modern, minimal look, consider hanging the curtains panels below the arch as with the standard curtain method. This creates straight horizontal lines and makes the window very visually organized.
  • If you want to cover the entire window but do not want a curved curtain rod, you could use a straight rod and install it above the arch. Then when the curtains are open, the arch will be exposed. Install some tiebacks on either side for an added sense of style as you can gather the curtains and create a swag on the sides.
  • If you want a truly custom look, you could have valances made that replicate the curve of the arch and have them installed. Then, on the bottom underneath the arch you could install standard curtain panels.
  • When measuring your arched window for any window treatments, also makes sure to measure correctly. These measurements include the highest point as well as the width of the arched window.

We hope these ideas will help inspire you when it comes to ways to cover your arched windows. As providers of replacement windows in Los Altos, CA, we understand that these windows, while having a beautiful look, can sometimes be intimidating to homeowners.