How to Choose a Window Installation Company

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Your home is a big investment, and it is also probably your pride and joy. Keeping your home well maintained and in tip-top shape is important to you. While it is important to maintain and repair your home, the quality of the companies that perform those repairs is just as important. This is especially true when it comes to replacement windows in Fremont, CA.

If you choose new top-of-the-line windows, but the company that installs them does a poor job, you may be no better off than you were with your old windows. It is important to not only research the windows you want but also the companies that install them to ensure you are choosing a qualified professional. If you are not sure what to ask or what to look for, keep reading.

1. References

Reviews and references from other customers go a long way in helping you know the true culture of a company. Do your homework and look into their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and check out their reviews. You can also research them online and see if they have any feedback on Yelp or Google.

2. Experience Service Professionals

One thing you want to check is if the company’s installers are experienced. Do they hold any certifications? How long have they been installing windows? Have they completed projects like yours in the past? Asking the company questions along with reviewing their past work should give you a good indication of how much experience they have.

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3. What Are the Lead Times?

If you are wanting your project to be completed by a certain date, ask what the company’s lead times are. There may be certain times of the year the company is more busy than normal, or perhaps they have a big project that will be taking up a lot of time. Either of these cases may mean they can’t get to your project right away. If a deadline date is important to you, make sure the company can complete it.

4. What is the Process and Timeline?

Other than the completion date, you may wish to ask about the overall process and timeline. How do they work? What are the steps to installing your new windows? Do they foresee any issues? Make sure you have a clear understanding of the process and the timeline before you hire the company.

5. Warranty or Guarantee

Last, but certainly not least, does the company offer any warranty on the windows or guarantee for their work? Make sure you know exactly what is covered should something go wrong by going over any warranties and guarantees thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing new home windows is a big investment and you want to make sure that the installation is done right. By taking your time and doing a little homework, you can make sure you choose the perfect company you feel confident about.

When choosing a new home window in Mountain View, CA., contact My Window & Door Solutions. Their friendly staff will be happy to discuss their experience, past reviews, and window replacement question you may have so you know they are the right professionals for your job.