Fiberglass Windows: A Short Guide

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If you are a homeowner considering new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, you will see that there are many materials to choose from. One of these options is fiberglass. Learning about this material, as well as its advantages, can help you decide if it’s the best material for your window needs. Let’s dive into this material now.

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is an extremely durable material that is often used in creating things like boats, tools, bridges, sporting equipment, and windows and doors. It is a composite material made by pushing strands of glass fiber through a heated resin to create a new material. This new fiberglass material can then be flattened into a sheet, woven into a fabric, or randomly arranged.

Fiberglass Against the Elements

Fiberglass windows are a great choice for homeowners who live in harsh climates due to the properties of the material. Some of these properties are:

  • Waterproof– Since this material is resistant to water, the chances of mold, rot, or swelling due to moisture and humidity are greatly reduced.
  • Not affected by temperature– Fiberglass stands up to heat and cold so these windows don’t swell or sag as others might in extreme temperatures. This resistance to temperature also ensures the seal around the window stays tight and stops leaks from happening around any edges.
  • Protection against strong winds and hail– Fiberglass windows are eight times the strength of their vinyl counterparts giving you the most protection from strong winds, hail, and other natural elements

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Other Advantages

Other than being extremely durable and standing up to the elements, there are many other reasons homeowners choose this material of window. Some of the most common are:

  • Easy to maintain– Since fiberglass windows don’t need to be stained and sealed constantly as wood windows do, they are very easy to maintain over the years
  • Several color and style options– Fiberglass windows can be found in a variety of colors and styles to match your home. And, if you have a custom color you would like, these windows can be painted.
  • Keep the noise out – Just as these windows help keep the heat and elements out, they also help in reducing outside noise.
  • Energy-efficient– windows made from fiberglass are some of the most energy-efficient windows available. Since this material is so durable when it comes to temperature, it doesn’t expand or contract and doesn’t transfer heat or cold, making it extremely efficient.

Final Thoughts

Fiberglass windows have a lot of advantages to them. If you are a homeowner looking for new windows, fiberglass windows may be a good option. While these windows do excel in many areas, they do tend to be a little more expensive than vinyl or aluminum. However, with the increase in your home’s value that fiberglass windows can provide, the trade-off in cost may be well worth it.

If you would like to know more about fiberglass replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, give us a call or come by anytime. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is happy to answer any questions you may have.