Double or Triple-Pane: Which One Is the Best Choice?

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While you may be familiar with single-pane windows, as that was the standard for homes in the past, newer options like double and triple-pane are quickly becoming the standard. If you are getting new home windows, you will need to choose which option want to install. But how do you know which one is right for you? We are going to explore these two more popular options so when you are ready for your replacement windows in Mountain View, CA, you’ll know exactly what you want.

What is a Double-Pane Window?

A double-pane window is made from two panes of glass that are separated by a space filled with air or gas. This helps trap the colder winter air or the heat from the summer sun between the layers rather than making its way inside your home.

What is a Triple-Pane Window?

A triple-pane window is exactly as it sounds; a window with three panes of glass. The setup is the same as with the double-pane window in that each pane is separated by space that is filled with air or gas. With three panes, there can be greater energy efficiency.


How Do They Compare?replacement windows in Mountain View CA

Both double-pane and triple-pane windows have their advantages. Let’s take a closer look at how they compare.

  • Energy-efficiency– Both the double and triple-pane windows are excellent choices for being energy-efficient. However, with the extra pane of glass, the triple-pane leads in this category.
  • Expense– Triple-pane windows are the most expensive and are considered by many to be a luxury product. While it is true that you will save more on your heating and cooling bills than with a double-pane, it will take many years before you see that savings truly start paying off. Because of this, double-pane windows may be a better choice for some as they can sometimes be the better overall value.
  • Safety and Security– If safety is a top priority, then triple-pane is what you want to choose. These windows are extremely strong and can withstand great force and still remain intact.
  • Noise Reduction –If you want the benefits of noise reduction, double-pane windows will be just fine. While triple-panes have that extra pane, and you might think that would offer more sound protection, the amount of extra reduction it adds is minimal. For the price and value, the double-pane window may be the better option.
  • Installation – Something to consider is that installing triple-pane windows may be more difficult as they need more space than a double-pane. That’s why, as always, it’s best to have your windows installed by professionals.

Which One Should You Choose?

So, which should you choose when you are ready for your replacement windows in Mountain View, CA? This is a tough question and truly depends on your situation. In most cases, double-pane windows will be more than enough to help keep your home comfortable, safe, and quiet. However, if you live in an extreme climate, have an abundance of loud outside noise, or are living in your forever home, triple-pane windows could be right for you.