Does Milgard Have Black Windows?

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If you are wanting to replace your old windows with new replacement windows in Mountain View, CA, you may want to choose Milgard for their quality and craftsmanship. However, if you are also wanting your windows in black, you are not sure if Milgard has that option. The good news for homeowners is that they do!

With a variety of materials and models, Milgard offers a complete array of perfect black windows to fit every homeowner’s need. We are going to dive into two of the most popular lines that are available in black so that you can learn more and decide which is right for your project. One line is fiberglass and the other is made from vinyl, each having its own advantages.

Ultra Series Fiberglass Line

If you would like a fiberglass window that is available in black, then the Milgard Ultra Series is for you. These fiberglass windows make a smart choice for many homeowners as they are durable and resist warping, swelling, and rotting over time. They are made so that the frame and insulated glass expand and contract at the same rate for extra strength and energy efficiency.

Another reason to consider fiberglass windows is if you have a large expansive window space. Since fiberglass windows are so sturdy and extremely strong, they can hold large panes of glass.

These windows are also very low-maintenance adding yet another reason homeowners love them so much. And, with Milgard testing all their fiberglass windows for film thickness, color uniformity, gloss, and more, you know you are getting a quality product.


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Trinsic Series Vinyl Line

Other than fiberglass, vinyl is a great option for windows. While not all of Milgard’s vinyl lines have black available, the Trinisc line does have a black available that they call Black Capstone.

Window frames made from vinyl have been created with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is a common material found in pipes, flooring, and windows. This material stands up against UV rays very well and is also durable against heat and water.

The Trinsic Series line also comes with even sightlines. This means that no matter what operating style of window you choose, the sightlines will equally create a streamlined look in your space.

Milgard Quality

No matter if you choose the black windows that are fiberglass or the ones that are vinyl, you will be getting the quality that comes along with Milgard windows. The frames, windows, and hardware are all created with the best craftsmanship. And since their windows come with a limited lifetime warranty, you can feel confident that your windows will be taken care of for years to come.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to take into consideration when deciding on new replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. The quality, material, design, look, and craftsmanship all play a role. If you want a black window, this choice can even get a little tougher. Luckily, with Milgard offering both fiberglass and a vinyl window in black, you can have the perfect combination of quality and style you are after.