Caring for Your Sliding Glass Doors

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Sliding glass doors can be a beautiful addition to any home. These doors provide ample opportunity for sunlight to come in as well as a give clear and uninterrupted view of the outside scenery. To keep these glass doors looking good, they need to be clean and streak free. Luckily, this is not difficult and just takes a few simple steps. Providers of glass doors and replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA have these tips to keep your sliding glass doors looking and operating like new for years to come.

Don’t Skip the Tracks

When many people clean their sliding glass doors, they focus on just the glass. While this is understandable as it is the biggest part of the sliding door, it is not the only important part. Making sure the tracks are clean and free of dirt and debris will ensure the sliding glass door slides and operates easily.

To clean the tracks, start with your vacuum and attachment. Using the vacuum, run the attachment over the tracks to collect any loose dirt and debris. This one step alone might be fine at times but for other, tougher stains or dirt, you may need to continue with a cleaning solution.

Using a mixture of equal parts warm water to white vinegar wet the tracks. This can be done easily with a spray bottle. Then simply take a small brush (a toothbrush works nicely), and scrub away any stubborn dirt. You may want to slide the door a few times to ensure all of the grime has been cleared away and the track is clean.

Cleaning the Glass

Using the same vinegar and water mixture, use a spray bottle and wet the surface of the glass. Using a clean soft cloth, wipe away any dirt and clean and then dry the window.

Once the window has dried, apply a mild cleaning solution to the window and remove the using a squeegee. This is the best method to avoid any streaks or water spots.

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After the water has been wiped away, you can use old newspapers to buff out the glass.

Repeat this process on the opposite side of the glass. Then clean the tracks of any water or dirt that might have dripped onto them.

It’s important to note that while elbow grease can be very efficient in cleaning away stubborn debris, having the right supplies (such as a squeegee) is important to get the best results possible. Make sure to invest in some good cleaning materials so that you can do this cleaning easily and with the best results.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your sliding glass doors looking and operating like new is not difficult, it just requires some effort. But, by following a simple cleaning routine and performing it regularly, your doors will remain a beautiful addition to your home and your view.

For more information on the types of sliding doors, we offer as well as replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, give us a call anytime. We are happy to discuss our options with you and help you select the best choice for your home and family.