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Replacement Windows – Fiberglass, Wood, or Vinyl?

Have you been thinking about upgrading your windows this season? It might be time, especially if you have noticed any signs of warping, damage, leaks, or a lack of efficiency. And one of the biggest decisions you will make will be the frame material you choose for your replacement windows in Los Altos, CA.

Not sure which one will be the best option for your home? You are not alone. Luckily, our experts are here to help you find the best products – whether that be fiberglass, wood, or vinyl windows.

Below are some of the things you should know about each window material. This overview will give you the pros and cons of each product and how each option will impact how much you pay, your energy savings, and the features that are available.

What to Know About Fiberglass Windows

These windows started to get popular in the early 2000s and now so many homeowners are turning to fiberglass as their top choice for replacement windows. They come with so many benefits that make them a good choice. But there are also some drawbacks to keep in mind when you are shopping for new windows.

The first thing you might notice about fiberglass windows is the price tag. They are more expensive than most other window frame materials. So no, they are not ideal for homeowners looking for the most affordable option. That said, fiberglass windows are durable, strong, easy to maintain, and come in almost any color under the sun. These windows are more challenging to install, so that will factor into the price. But these windows also have some of the strongest energy efficiency properties.

What to Know About Wood Windows

For decades, wood windows were the standard. But technology led the way to different types of windows that would quickly dominate the market. Those materials are weather-resistant, durable, and insulating. So while wood windows are still available today, they are just not as popular. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Wood windows have a classic beauty that cannot be accomplished by other materials. They offer the best-looking styles to be sure. Also, you can paint and stain wood window frames in any color you choose to match the interior design of your home. But with that comes a disadvantage. Wood windows will rot and warp if they do not receive proper maintenance. It will be important to refinish these products every few years to keep them in top shape. Fortunately, you can get wood-clad windows with more durable exterior material and wood finishes on the inside for the best of both worlds.

replacement windows in Los Altos, CA

What to Know About Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is still arguably the most popular window material on the market. These windows require very little maintenance, are weather-resistant, and provide exceptional insulation. They are also some of the most affordable products and are easy to install. So what are the drawbacks?

Vinyl windows come in a limited range of colors. And you cannot paint or refinish vinyl windows. Also, vinyl windows do not have the longevity of fiberglass or wood windows. You can expect these windows to last about 10 to 15 years before they show signs of wear.

Any one of these materials could be a good option for replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. If you are not sure which products are right for your home, contact our window experts today and they can answer and address all of your questions and concerns.

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3 Common Issues with Windows and Doors in Winter

With every season changing, you should be sure to inspect your windows and doors. His will help prevent common issues and ensure your products last as long as possible. It also means you can catch minor problems in the early stages before they become more serious issues. Winter is especially harsh on windows and doors. And even with new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, you will want to watch out for these problems. Because a simple oversight by the installer means even your new windows can experience problems.

Issues with Windows and Doors to Watch for in Winter

Here are some of the most common problems and things that might potentially go wrong with your windows and doors during the cold season:

1. Air and Moisture Leaks

Manufacturers design windows to keep air and moisture out of the home. But eventually, the seals and parts will start to wear out and break down. Gaps will form in the assembly, and windows will leak. Even the smallest crack could prove to be a major problem. Aside from paying for a home energy audit, do you know how to test for window and door leaks? A simple way is by putting your hand close to the frame and feeling for airflow. For smaller leaks, you can close all the windows and doors in the home and run all the exhaust fans. Then pass a stick of incense or a smoking match stick around the window frame. If the smoke pulls towards you, then you likely have a window leak and need to reseal it with caulk or insulation.

2. Icing on the Windows

If your caulk or weather stripping has failed, it could mean more than just air is getting into the home. It also means moisture leaks. And ice will form in any open space between the frame and the window. And when it freezes, the cracks will get bigger, allowing more moisture into the space, and the cycle continues. Icing will make it difficult to open and close the windows. It can also damage the window or door frames and the hardware. And you will also have to worry about moisture damage. Not something to look forward to when things start to thaw in the spring.

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3. Condensation on Interior Surfaces and Between the Panes

Condensation is another common problem with windows in the winter. In most cases, fogging on the interior or exterior surface is only temporary and will self-correct with a change in temperature and humidity. But if you notice fogging between the panes, this signifies that you have a leaky window. The inert gas trapped between the pans for insulation has likely leaked out. And when it gets replaced with normal air (full of moisture) it will start to fog and freeze. Your windows no longer provide the efficiency they should, and the only solutions are replacement windows.

Notice Issues with Your Windows? Give Us a Call

If you have noticed any of the above problems with your windows, it is time to call the experts. We can help you get top-quality replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA to suit your home and your budget.

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Questions to Ask When Finding a Window Company

When finding a company for replacement windows in Mountain View, CA it is important to find someone you can trust. The home is one of your biggest investments. And if you decide to make improvements, you want to make sure you are getting high-quality work. That is why shopping around is important. That is the best way to find a reliable installer. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the questions you can ask to find out more about a new window company.

How Long has the Company Been in Business?

It might be tempting to choose a new company to work with because of the price of their services. But the truth is, you could be putting your investment at risk with a company that does not have a lot of experience. It is better to find a window company with a couple of decades worth of installations under their belt.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

It isn’t prying to ask if a company is licensed and insured. It gives you security. It is a way for a company to demonstrate its expertise and also gives you that safety net if an accident were to happen on the job on your property. So ask to see their documentation and then follow up with the insurance company if you feel the need to verify coverage.

Can They Provide References?

A reliable company that has been in business for a long while should be able to provide you with a long list of happy customers. These references and reviews will demonstrate their quality of work and level of customer service. You will get a really good handle on the reputation of the company if you ask for photos of completed projects and ask customers how the company handled service and resolved problems.

Do They Provide In-Home Consultations?

Most window installers will provide in-home consultations. It is the best way to take measurements, address the requirements of the space, and provide the best advice on style and functionality. It will also show you exactly what you will be working with as far as their attitude, enthusiasm, and expertise.

Do They Hire Subcontractors for Installations?

Some window companies hire out their installations to subcontractors, but this usually isn’t the best business practice. You want to find a company that has its own installation crews. These people will know their products inside and out and will be able to handle any issues that arise because they often get their training directly from the manufacturer.

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Will They Provide a Detailed Bid?

When getting a bid from a window company you want to get as detailed a quote as possible. A good bid will include the price of products, labor, and materials, and include the project start and finish dates for the project. It should also outline the payment terms and you should expect to pay only 20 to 30 percent at the start of the job. Never pay the entire cost before work is complete!

These are just a few questions you can ask to help you find the best contractor for replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. Ready to get started? Set up a consultation with our window experts.

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The Dangers of Window Leaks

Have you noticed moisture coming in through your windows on a rainy day? Have you seen a lot of condensation around your windows? If you have, it could be a sign of a leaky window and you might need to consider replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. A lot of things can happen when you have leaky windows. And if the problem is left too long, the damage could be extensive. Here are just a few of the dangers you might face with leaky windows allowing moisture into your home.

1. Cause Window Frames to Rot

You might not notice when moisture first starts to leak into the home. The signs will be small, and you probably won’t see them unless you know what to look for. You might first notice paint bubbling up or yellow stains around the windows. The first thing moisture often comes in contact with is the window frame. And while most replacement window frames should hold up against moisture, before long they will start to rot. The decay can cause warping and other types of damage if left too long without intervention. If this happens, there will be no choice but to get replacement windows.

2. Damage to the Walls of the Home

Moisture will often start at the windows, but it doesn’t end there. In addition to wrecking the window frames, the water can progress to the walls of the home. It will seep into the drywall and cause the paint or wallpaper to start peeling away. This is why you often see paint bubbling up around the windows. Before too long the moisture will even cause the drywall to start sagging or crumbling. This is the worst-case scenario you want to avoid. The moment you start to notice moisture, you need to get repairs.

3. Leak Down into Floors and Carpets

Leaks that are bad enough will continue to trickle down the walls and into the floors and carpets – especially during heavy rainfall. If a leak gets to this point, you will have a much bigger problem on your hands than just a replacement window. You might have to replace walls, baseboards, flooring, carpets, and more. If the water gets far enough, it can even impact the substructures of the home.

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4. Produce Mold Growth and Impact Health

Moisture often creates the perfect environment for mold growth. So not only will water leaks wreak havoc on your house, but also your health. Mold will inevitably produce spores which can result in respiratory problems for you and your family.

Have you noticed moisture leaking into your home through the windows? Signs will start small like discoloration, flaking paint, or mold growth. But you can get ahead of larger problems if you invest in replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. Issues will only get progressively yourself if you ignore a leak.

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10 Common Reasons Why You Have Drafty Windows

Now is the time to check your old windows for leaks or drafts and decide if it is time for replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA. Colder months are ahead, and the last thing you want is for the cold to have easy access to your home. it will make the areas of your house uncomfortable and drive up your energy costs for heating and cooling. So here are just a few of the reasons why your windows might feel drafty so you can correct the problem as soon as possible.

1. Faulty Installation

When it comes to replacement windows, the product often is only as good as the installation. You can get the most expensive and high-quality products on the market, but they will be useless without proper installation. This is the main reason why you should not do DIY window installation. One mistake could lead to drafts, leaks, or worse.

2. Cheap Windows

When shopping for new windows, some homeowners feel the need to find the most affordable options possible. This can be a drawback because low-quality products will produce low-quality results. Builder-grade windows are some of the cheapest products on the market, but they will develop leaks and not last nearly as long as higher-quality products made from better materials.

3. Seals Broken During Shipment

In some cases, the seals on replacement windows can break during transportation. This isn’t nearly as common, but is something to consider and why it is so important to check your new windows for drafts the moment they get installed.

4. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

Weather can have a significant impact on windows and their condition. Extreme heat or cold fluctuations put a lot of added stress on the seals of your windows. It can cause materials to break down and create drafts.

5. Inadequate Maintenance

If windows are going to last, then regular maintenance is so important. It is also important to take care of windows with proper maintenance. There is never any reason to use harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean windows. Power washers are another common cause of drafts and leaks.

6. Leaks and Freezing

In most cases, a small leak will become a large leak over time. This is because moisture collects inside the gaps and if it gets cold enough to freeze, the gaps widen.

7. Mold Build-Up

Another reason leaks are a problem is because of unaddressed mold. When moisture seeps into the tracks or gets inside the walls it can cause all kinds of damage. Mold and mildew are hazardous, not only to your health but also to the substructures of the home.

8. Cracking from Damage

Blunt force is a common problem for windows. Any time glass gets broken, even if it is just a small crack on the exterior pane, it should be cause for concern.

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9. Warping

Extreme heat and UV damage can warp window frames and result in leaks. This is why it is critical to choose high-performing materials for replacement windows.

10. Normal Wear and Tear

Eventually, the parts on all windows will wear out and break down. But hopefully, you get plenty of use out of them – at least fifteen years. That is how long replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA should last before developing drafts.

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5 Window Styles for Superior Ventilation

Windows primarily provide natural light and ventilation, especially in areas where the climate is relatively moderate year-round. And when designing a home, window placement and window styles are some of the most important decisions. Which replacement windows in Mountain View, CA are best for natural ventilation? It depends on your needs, desire, and the configuration of the room. But here are some suggestions that can set you on the right path:

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows allow for superior ventilation. The traditional window style features one sash that hinges to the side of the window frame and swings out to open. You can get complete control over ventilation by opening the window with just a crack or swinging it fully open. These windows are modern, secure, and timeless. They work well in almost any room in the house but are especially useful in hard-to-reach areas like above the kitchen sink or behind the living room couches.

2. Awning Windows

Awning windows are another product gaining popularity. These windows are much like casement windows, in that they are a single sash that uses a hinge to open and close. But instead of having hinges at the side of the window frame, awning windows hinge at the top of the frame and push outward to open. These windows are an excellent choice for ventilation because the glass creates a roof over the window opening. This allows you to open the windows even if it is raining outside.

3. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a popular choice for many reasons. They are easy to manufacture, easy to install, and easy to operate. There are not as many mechanical parts and absolutely no concerns about weight-bearing hinges. Sliding windows are configured so that one sash remains fixed while the other sash slides horizontally back and forth. These windows usually have a wider orientation and do not take up any extra space to open and close. These are such a classic and versatile window style it is no wonder they appear in almost every home.

4. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are another traditional window style. These windows have a more vertical orientation, making them taller than they are wide. And one sash slides up and down inside the window frame on riggings of springs and balances. The other sash remains fixed. Just like sliding windows, single-hung windows do not require any extra space to open and close. These windows can work well in any area of the home but are particularly attractive when used in a series of windows or as part of a larger window installation.

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5. Double-Hung Windows

These windows take single-hung windows to the next level because both sashes slide up and down inside the frame. They are ideal for ventilation because they encourage natural airflow. When both the upper and lower sash open at the same time, warm air flows out the top while cool air comes in through the bottom. The natural circulation will improve air quality inside the home and help create a more comfortable environment.

Contact our experts for more help figuring out which replacement windows in Mountain View, CA are best for ventilation. We can help you find the best products for your home and your budget.

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Guidelines for Timeless Replacement Windows

Getting replacement windows in Los Altos, CA is an exciting adventure. And it is fun to look at all the new products, fun designs, and custom styles. But when actually shopping for new windows for your home, you probably want to pick products that will not become outdated any time soon. That means avoiding the trends and finding classic products that can withstand the test of time. Here are a few guidelines you can use to find those timeless replacement windows that will remain in style for years to come.

1. Style

Windows will impact the overall look of the home. And when shopping for replacement windows, your first priority should be finding products that complement the aesthetic style of the home. For example, you shouldn’t try to put ultra-modern window designs on a historical or country-style home. Instead, match the style of the window with the style of the home.

2. Color

There are so many color choices on the market. You might be tempted to try something bold like red or green window frames. But the truth is, most color trends only last a few years before going out of style. If the exterior of your home is a neutral color, you will want to invest in replacement windows to match. You don’t have to get the exact same window color as the exterior of your home, but you will defiantly want to stay within the same color family. Some of the most classic neutral colors include white, cream, tan, grey, and black. These colors work well in so many situations and never lose their appeal.

3. Functionality

Windows do so much in the home. They provide natural light. They offer ventilation. They protect the home. So when shopping for timeless windows, you need to be sure and keep functionality in mind. Installing awning or casement windows along a walkway or outdoor patio might be a mistake because these windows require extra space outside to swing open. But installing casement and awning windows on the upper stories of the home is totally fine because they can’t obstruct a path or get in the way of outdoor furniture.

4. Efficiencyreplacement windows in Los Altos, CA

Energy saving never goes out of style. So if you are looking for new windows, you will want to invest in products with energy ratings that work well for the local climate. That means finding the right glazing options too. A few of the technologies to pay attention to include multiple panes, inert gas fills, laminated glass, and special coatings to prevent heat transfer. All of these work together to improve the insulation on your windows and will help make your home more energy efficient.

5. Valuable Upgrades

Are you planning to sell your home in the near future? Then you want to keep prospective buyers in mind when choosing the upgrades on your new windows. Certain technologies are more appealing than others. For example, getting a custom etched glass might reflect your tastes, but this type of customization might be a deterrent for potential buyers.

These are just a few of the things to keep in mind if you want timeless replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. Not sure if you need replacement windows? Contact our office for a hassle-free evaluation.

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Avoid these 6 Mistakes with Replacement Windows

Getting new windows is a big decision. You not only have to worry about the cost, but also the time and effort to get your replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA. That is why it is so important to do your research before your start window shopping. The last thing you want to do is be unsatisfied with the results or end up needing to get new windows again in just a few years. These are the most common mistakes you should avoid:

1. Getting the Exact Same Windows You Already Have

A lot of homeowners want to simplify the process, so they go with the exact same type of windows they already have. What they don’t realize is they are not confined to these windows alone. There are so many options available. And a different style window could upgrade the home in so many ways. It is important to think about getting more daylight, more ventilation, or more efficiency from the windows in the home and choosing the style that will offer the best results.

2. Focusing Just on Price Alone

Don’t get us wrong, price is important. New windows are expensive and it is important to choose only the upgrades that provide the best value. But that doesn’t mean homeowners should choose the most affordable options they can find. Cheap windows are just that. And the lower quality will not last nearly as long or provide the same benefits as a high-quality product.

3. Doing the Installation Yourself

Many homeowners think they can do their own window installation. What they may not realize is it takes time, training, and a bunch of specialized tools to get this job done the right way. One small mistake could not only cause windows to leak but also completely ruin the products so they are no longer of any use. It is much better to find professional installers that get training directly from the manufacturer.

4. Forgetting to Consider Safety and Security

Safety and security are two features of replacement windows that often get overlooked. Most homeowners make efficiency and functionality the top priority without giving much consideration to anything else. But safety and security are important, especially if homeowners want new windows to protect their homes against the elements as well as prevent intruders from breaking in.

5. Completely Ignoring the Aestheticsreplacement windows in Los Gatos, CA

Aesthetics are another important feature of replacement windows. Homeowners need window styles that not only offer functionality but also complement the aesthetics of the home both inside and out. It can be a tall order, but there are so many options on the market. Homeowners are sure to find a style, frame, and color that best suits their home.

6. Choosing the Wrong Window Company

Perhaps the most important thing homeowners can do is find a window company they can trust. This means finding professionals with a longstanding list of successful installations and happy customers. These references can provide prospective clients with the assurance that they will get the job done right the first time.

What do you think? Is it time for replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA? If so, contact our experts today for a personal consultation. We can help you get the right products and avoid these common mistakes.

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6 Factors that Affect Your Budget for Replacement Windows

Do you have windows that are leaky, drafty, or outdated? This means you should be in the market for replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. You don’t want to wait too long before getting the ball rolling. But a replacement window project can be a rather large investment. Here are five main factors that affect the cost of new windows:

1. Materials

Most replacement windows are made from four frame materials: vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each material comes at a distinct price point and value. Vinyl windows are the most affordable. They offer great insulation and are weather-resistant. But they do not last as long as the other window materials. Fiberglass window frames are strong, durable, long-lasting, and efficient. But the higher price point often puts them beyond the budget of many homeowners.

2. Window Size

Size does matter. When shopping for replacement windows, bigger isn’t always better. And it will certainly be more expensive. This is because larger windows require more materials. And more materials also cost more. Bay and bow windows are some of the largest window installations on the market. They are also some of the most expensive. Smaller window installations will be more affordable—which is something to keep in mind when trying to stay within a budget.

3. Window Type

Standard window styles and sizes get mass-produced by the manufacturers. Because there are no customizations, the savings get passed down to the customers and the builders. Standard windows usually include picture windows, sliding windows, and double-hung windows. They are also a bit easier to transport and install. Thus, choosing these windows can help lower the cost of this home improvement project.

4. Color Options

Again, just as there are standard sizes and styles for windows, there are also some standard color options. They are often neutral colors meant to match a variety of interior and exterior styles. These standard colors usually come at a discount. And any customizations in colors and coatings will increase the price of the products. White, tan, grey—these are all relatively affordable. Green, red, black—these colors will end up costing more.

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5. Glazing Upgrades

Glass packages come in a variety of different upgrades. And each new technology or customization will increase the price. This is where it is most important to weigh the cost versus the value of these upgrades. Most homeowners do not need triple-pane windows. But upgrading to a Low-E coating will help improve insulation and is well worth the cost. Upgrades with any etched designs or grilles for the glass will end up costing more as well.

6. Labor and Installation

The last thing that contributes to the price is the removal of the old windows and the installation of the new ones. The size, weight, and awkwardness of the window installation could cause a rise in price that you might not otherwise expect. That said, most labor costs are fairly even across the board. Just be sure to find a professional contractor you can trust to get the job done right.

Replacement windows in Mountain View, CA will be an investment. Luckily there are several factors you can manipulate to help keep your project on budget. The best thing you can do is work with a window professional from the very beginning.

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Top Replacement Windows for the Kitchen

Homeowners need to consider both form and function when choosing new windows for the kitchen. These windows in particular serve a lot of different purposes and it is vital to get the style right. Do you know what to look for when choosing replacement windows in Los Altos, CA? Here are some of the top window styles to use in the kitchen.

What Do You Want in a Kitchen Window?

Before you start shopping for replacement windows it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. It starts with these basics:

  • Easy use and operation
  • Optimal ventilation and circulation
  • Ample amounts of daylight
  • Matching style and aesthetics

Best Window Styles for the Kitchen

Here are some of the best replacement windows you can choose to install in your kitchen:

Casement Windows

Casement windows feature a single sash that opens and closes with a hand crank. They hinge at the side of the window frame and swing outward. These windows are perfect for hard-to-reach areas in the kitchen, like behind counters are above the sink. They are perfect for daylight and ventilation. The only major thing to consider is that these windows do not work well along patios or walkways because they require exterior space to open and close.

Awning Windows

These are much like casement windows. They too have a single sash that opens outward. But instead of hinges to the side, awning windows actually attach at the top of the frame and push out to open. This creates a little roof over the window opening. These are perfect for the kitchen because you can still open them even when it is raining. Get optimal ventilation regardless of the weather.

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Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a traditional style. These feature two sashes that overlap and slide up and down inside the frame. The operation allows you to open both the top and bottom of the window at the same time, forcing warm air out the top and fresh air coming in through the bottom. And because they do not require any extra space to open and close, these work well along outdoor walkways and patios.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a staple in almost every home. These windows have a simple operation, but the size and design are perfect for a variety of applications. Many homeowners choose to install sliding windows in the kitchen because the wider windows are perfect for natural light and ventilation.

Garden Windows

What better place to install a garden window than in the kitchen? These windows project outside and have a roof and three walls of glass. You can order your garden window to come equipped with shelves so you can grow fresh garden herbs to use in unique family recipes.

Choosing new window for the kitchen takes a lot of thought and consideration. You want to make sure you find the right style. Need help sorting through all the different replacement windows in Los Altos, CA? Contact our experts for a hassle-free consultation.