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When to Choose a Sliding Window

New home windows provide a host of benefits including increasing your home’s curb appeal, helping your home be more energy-efficient and increasing your home’s overall value. These benefits are maximized when you select the right window for the space. One style of window that providers of replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. may suggest is a sliding window.

With these windows being less common than traditional double-hung windows, you may not be aware of their advantages or how they operate. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about these windows.

What is a Sliding Window?

Sliding windows, sometimes called gliders or gliding windows, are believed to be invented in Holland in the 17th century. These windows are horizontal with the panes moving from side to side rather than up and down as with a more traditional double-hung window.

Types of Sliding Windows

You can find slider windows in three main types:

  • Single-slider – These windows have one fixed pane and one moveable pane.
  • Double-slider – Double-slider windows may have two or three panes, but two of these panes are moveable. These windows can be open from either end.
  • Three-pane slider– These windows feature a large pane in the middle and one on each side that is moveable

Spaces Ideal for a Sliding Window

While sliding windows can add style to any space, some areas lend themselves to be ideal for this type of window. Some of these spaces include:

  • Window openings that are wider than they are tall
  • Spaces where you want an unobstructed view of the outside
  • Rooms with low ceilings
  • Areas that need more ventilation
  • Spaces where it may be difficult to operate a double-hung window (For example: over a kitchen sink)

Advantages of Sliding Windowsreplacement windows Mountain View CA

Every type of window has its own advantages, and a sliding window is no different. Some of the most popular reasons homeowners choose this type of window include:

  • Easy to operate – sliding windows are very easy to operate. Since they easily move along with a roller, opening and closing them doesn’t require a lot of force. This makes a nice choice if you or someone in your household is elderly and may have a difficult time opening and closing a heavier double-hung window.
  • Easy to clean and maintain – Many sliding windows panes are able to come out entirely. This feature makes them super easy to clean.
  • They bring the outside in – Since most sliding windows have large panes, they allow maximum sunlight to enter the room. Also, with the oversized panes of glass, they provide beautiful, clear, unobstructed views of the outside.
  • They provide maximum ventilation – With the oversized panels open, sliding windows allow a much larger area for fresh air to come in and more ventilation to occur.
  • They are perfect for odd spaces – Since they operate by moving side-to-side along a roller, they are great for tight or hard-to-reach places like stairwells or over a kitchen sink. As long as you can reach the bottom of the window, you can operate it.

Final Thoughts

Sliding windows make a wonderful choice for some of your replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. With benefits such as adding more sunlight and ventilation to a space, ease of operation, and being so easy to clean, these windows are a great fit for any space in your home.

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What Is the Best Season to Replace My Windows?

If you are having new replacement windows installed in your home, you may wonder when the best time of year is to have this done. While providers of replacement windows in Los Altos, CA. may agree that warmer weather is ideal, such as spring and summer, they will also agree that each season has its own benefits. Let’s look at how the seasons compare.


Spring is a season of warmer weather and more sunshine. It is a season of new growth and for many homeowners, a season of new projects. With the cold winter melting away and the rising temperatures, this can be a wonderful time to have your windows installed. Another benefit to this season is that the days are longer with more hours of sunlight. This could help reduce the number of days it takes for your installation.

One drawback to spring is that, depending on where you live, you may face a season that includes a lot of rainy days. Unpredictable weather can delay your project from getting completed, or from starting altogether.


With its warm weather and good conditions, summer is typically the busiest season for window installers. Because of this, you may find it difficult to schedule your installation for the time frame you want. This may become even more of a hassle if you have to work around any family vacations or if you plan on hosting any summer pool parties, barbeques, etc.

If you want the best chance of scheduling your installation on the dates you need, July is normally the safest bet. Many families are focused on back-to-school activities and are too busy to start any new home projects.



Autumn is a wonderful time to have your windows installed because, typically, the weather is cooler with mild conditions. Also, there are fewer insects flying around than in the spring and summer months which means less chance of them ending up in your home.

While autumn isn’t as busy of a season as the summer, window installations may increase. This is because with the cooler air making an appearance, homeowners may begin to feel drafts around their windows and want to have new windows installed before the more extreme colder months of winter arrive.


Winter installations definitely have some big pros and cons. One big con is, of course, the weather. Depending on where you live, you may experience very cold temperatures making this a less than ideal time for opening up your house. While this is a drawback, it also is an advantage in that this is typically a slower season for window installers. This means you may have a much easier time scheduling and getting your project complete in the time frame you want.

One trade-off you make with a winter installation is that, while you might be uncomfortable during the installation, afterward, your new windows are going to help keep your family comfortable and warm all season long.

When you are ready for your new replacement windows in Los Altos, CA, don’t wait “until the time is right” to have them installed. With each season having its own pros and cons, and new windows adding so much to your home, any time of year is a perfect time.

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7 Commonly Asked Questions About Vinyl Replacement Windows

There may be many reasons you are considering new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA. It might be that your older windows are not operating as they should be due to damage or age. You might be feeling drafts or noticing your heating or cooling bills starting to rise. Perhaps you are getting ready to sell your home and are looking to upgrade its curb appeal and value.

Whatever the reason, you may have come across vinyl windows and are wondering if that’s the type of window you should choose. If so, keep reading as we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions and concerns about these windows to help make your decision a little easier.

1. What are vinyl windows made of?

Vinyl windows have been around since the 1970s and are made from polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. This material is extremely durable and is used in an array of other products such as plumbing pipes, doors, and even exterior house trim.

2. What if I have an older home?

Many homeowners worry that newer vinyl windows won’t fit their older homes. The good news is that they will. Your window professional can help you pick out the perfect match for your older home.

3. Do vinyl windows only come in white?

It used to be the case that you could only find vinyl windows in white, however, that is not true anymore. Vinyl windows can now be found in a variety of colors and finishes so you can match just about any design aesthetic.


4. Can I get a double-hung window in vinyl?replacement windows Los Gatos CA

Just as these windows come in a variety of colors and finishes, they also come in a variety of styles. You can typically choose from:

  • Double-hung
  • Single-Hung
  • Sliding
  • Picture
  • Custom
  • Bay and Bow
  • Garden

5. What is the maintenance for vinyl windows?

Many homeowners choose vinyl windows because they are so low maintenance. These windows can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water and never need to be painted, sanded, or scrapped like with wood windows.

6. How durable are these windows?

Being made from PVC lends this type of window to be extremely durable. It is impervious to water damage or rot. Also, with this option, there is no worry about damage from bugs and birds that may damage other materials like wood.

7. Are vinyl windows energy efficient?

Today, many vinyl windows are very energy efficient. Most have features such as low emissivity coated glass as well as foam-enhanced frames and warm edge spacers. All of these help your HVAC system to work most efficiently helping keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In Conclusion

Vinyl windows can make a wonderful choice for your new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA. They have many benefits that include being low-maintenance, extremely durable, and energy-efficient. Also, since they come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, you can find the perfect choice to match your design style. With all these benefits and choices, it’s easy to see why many homeowners choose vinyl windows.

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Double or Triple-Pane: Which One Is the Best Choice?

While you may be familiar with single-pane windows, as that was the standard for homes in the past, newer options like double and triple-pane are quickly becoming the standard. If you are getting new home windows, you will need to choose which option want to install. But how do you know which one is right for you? We are going to explore these two more popular options so when you are ready for your replacement windows in Mountain View, CA, you’ll know exactly what you want.

What is a Double-Pane Window?

A double-pane window is made from two panes of glass that are separated by a space filled with air or gas. This helps trap the colder winter air or the heat from the summer sun between the layers rather than making its way inside your home.

What is a Triple-Pane Window?

A triple-pane window is exactly as it sounds; a window with three panes of glass. The setup is the same as with the double-pane window in that each pane is separated by space that is filled with air or gas. With three panes, there can be greater energy efficiency.


How Do They Compare?replacement windows in Mountain View CA

Both double-pane and triple-pane windows have their advantages. Let’s take a closer look at how they compare.

  • Energy-efficiency– Both the double and triple-pane windows are excellent choices for being energy-efficient. However, with the extra pane of glass, the triple-pane leads in this category.
  • Expense– Triple-pane windows are the most expensive and are considered by many to be a luxury product. While it is true that you will save more on your heating and cooling bills than with a double-pane, it will take many years before you see that savings truly start paying off. Because of this, double-pane windows may be a better choice for some as they can sometimes be the better overall value.
  • Safety and Security– If safety is a top priority, then triple-pane is what you want to choose. These windows are extremely strong and can withstand great force and still remain intact.
  • Noise Reduction –If you want the benefits of noise reduction, double-pane windows will be just fine. While triple-panes have that extra pane, and you might think that would offer more sound protection, the amount of extra reduction it adds is minimal. For the price and value, the double-pane window may be the better option.
  • Installation – Something to consider is that installing triple-pane windows may be more difficult as they need more space than a double-pane. That’s why, as always, it’s best to have your windows installed by professionals.

Which One Should You Choose?

So, which should you choose when you are ready for your replacement windows in Mountain View, CA? This is a tough question and truly depends on your situation. In most cases, double-pane windows will be more than enough to help keep your home comfortable, safe, and quiet. However, if you live in an extreme climate, have an abundance of loud outside noise, or are living in your forever home, triple-pane windows could be right for you.

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Why Choose Milgard Black Fiberglass Windows?

When you are looking for replacement windows in Los Altos, CA, you will find there are a ton of options from what color to choose to what material the window is made from. Making sure you choose wisely is crucial to saving you more money and headaches down the line. You want to make sure you get a material that works well and lasts with your climate and lifestyle as well as color you will be happy with for many years.

A great option for material is fiberglass, and an unexpected great color is black. Combine them both, add impeccable quality, and you get Milgard’s Ultra Series window in Black Bean. In this article, we are going to go over why this is a great choice for your new windows.

Why Choose Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a material that is created with glass fibers and resin. This material is stiffer and lighter than wood making it a sturdy and durable lightweight frame. Fiberglass stands up to hot and cold climates and is not bothered by water. This means that these frames are more resistant to warping, swelling, or developing leaks around the window.

Other than being so durable, fiberglass windows are low maintenance. Simple cleaning and replacing weatherstripping every decade or so, and you are all set.


Why Choose Black?replacement windows in Los Altos CA

Black windows have been around since the 19th century and could be seen in buildings such as warehouses, factories, homes, greenhouses, and hospitals. While they haven’t been at the forefront of home design for a time, they are regaining their popularity. New home developments and remodels can be seen using black windows much more frequently, and there’s a good reason.

On the exterior of your home, black windows make an elegant statement. No matter what style your home is, black windows elevate the overall design. They help set off your landscaping, raise your curb appeal, and have your home stand out from the rest.

On the interior, black windows make a wonderful frame for your views. They also make a nice design element in the room that is easy to incorporate with any design aesthetic.

Why Choose Milgard?

If you want quality and confidence your windows will last, you want Milgard. When you choose Milgard’s Ultra Series black fiberglass windows, you can be assured they are made with the highest craftsmanship and quality checks. Some of what they regularly check for include:

  • Color uniformity
  • Gloss
  • Film thickness
  • Chemical resistance

Additionally, these windows also ensure a clear view in hot or cold weather due to the fact that in such conditions, the frame contracts and expands at the same rate as the window glass which puts less stress on the seals.

Because of the high quality and confidence in their craftsmanship, Milgard offers lifetime and limited lifetime warranties with all of their windows. With all these benefits, plus being available in black with their Black Bean color option, Milgard’s Ultra Series makes a perfect choice for your replacement windows in Los Altos, CA.

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Black Windows: Versatile for Every Style Home

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing one, a design element that is often overlooked, but that can make a world of difference in the overall appearance of your home is black windows. From farmhouse chic to modern and sleek, black windows can truly impact the design and take it to a new level. Let’s take a look at how black replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, can complement any style of home.

Farmhouse Chic

You may think of black windows looking modern and not something you would see on a farmhouse-style home but think again. Black windows against the crisp white of a farmhouse look absolutely amazing, and many people agree. A quick internet search for “farmhouse with black windows” will yield tons of images with beautiful white farmhouses adorned with black windows. This look is especially lovely at night with the interior lights on creating a warm glow.

And speaking of the inside, black windows are a wonderful design element making the windows act as a frame for outside views. However, if you prefer white for the interior, you could go with a window like Milgard’s fiberglass Ultra Series. This window allows you to have black on the exterior and white on the interior.


While black windows do look great with any style of home, the modern look is where they excel. Many window manufacturers are realizing this and taking it up a notch. For example, Milgard’s vinyl Trinsic Series not only comes in black but features a contemporary narrow frame that maximizes the viewable glass area for a super clean, modern look. These windows also feature equal sightlines that provide a streamlined look throughout your home.


Traditionalreplacement windows Los Gatos CA

Traditional style homes are a very common style and are classified by things like symmetrically-placed windows, simple rooflines, and an exterior of brick, stucco, or stone. These houses look tidy and manicured. Because of this, black windows are a great fit as they frame the windows with a nice, clean border enhancing the manicured look.

On the interior, continuing the black window with a color such as Black Bean from the Milgard Ultra Series line continues that tidy look framing each window and creating a wonderful backdrop for the other traditional interior design elements in the room.

But Won’t Black Windows Go Out of Style?

Many homeowners may be hesitant to go with black windows because they are nervous the windows will go out of style. You can rest assured, they will not. Sure, fads come and go and they may be more popular at times than others (just like every other color and design feature), but black windows aren’t going anywhere. They are classic, timeless, and are here to stay.

When you are looking for replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, don’t rule out black windows. In fact, make it a priority to look into and consider this option. Even if you think you may feel they are not right for your home, once you give them a chance, they just might surprise you.

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Does Milgard Have Black Windows?

If you are wanting to replace your old windows with new replacement windows in Mountain View, CA, you may want to choose Milgard for their quality and craftsmanship. However, if you are also wanting your windows in black, you are not sure if Milgard has that option. The good news for homeowners is that they do!

With a variety of materials and models, Milgard offers a complete array of perfect black windows to fit every homeowner’s need. We are going to dive into two of the most popular lines that are available in black so that you can learn more and decide which is right for your project. One line is fiberglass and the other is made from vinyl, each having its own advantages.

Ultra Series Fiberglass Line

If you would like a fiberglass window that is available in black, then the Milgard Ultra Series is for you. These fiberglass windows make a smart choice for many homeowners as they are durable and resist warping, swelling, and rotting over time. They are made so that the frame and insulated glass expand and contract at the same rate for extra strength and energy efficiency.

Another reason to consider fiberglass windows is if you have a large expansive window space. Since fiberglass windows are so sturdy and extremely strong, they can hold large panes of glass.

These windows are also very low-maintenance adding yet another reason homeowners love them so much. And, with Milgard testing all their fiberglass windows for film thickness, color uniformity, gloss, and more, you know you are getting a quality product.


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Trinsic Series Vinyl Line

Other than fiberglass, vinyl is a great option for windows. While not all of Milgard’s vinyl lines have black available, the Trinisc line does have a black available that they call Black Capstone.

Window frames made from vinyl have been created with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is a common material found in pipes, flooring, and windows. This material stands up against UV rays very well and is also durable against heat and water.

The Trinsic Series line also comes with even sightlines. This means that no matter what operating style of window you choose, the sightlines will equally create a streamlined look in your space.

Milgard Quality

No matter if you choose the black windows that are fiberglass or the ones that are vinyl, you will be getting the quality that comes along with Milgard windows. The frames, windows, and hardware are all created with the best craftsmanship. And since their windows come with a limited lifetime warranty, you can feel confident that your windows will be taken care of for years to come.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to take into consideration when deciding on new replacement windows in Mountain View, CA. The quality, material, design, look, and craftsmanship all play a role. If you want a black window, this choice can even get a little tougher. Luckily, with Milgard offering both fiberglass and a vinyl window in black, you can have the perfect combination of quality and style you are after.

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4 Reasons You Should Consider Black Windows

When deciding on new replacement windows in Los Altos, CA for your home, you will have many decisions to make, one of those being the color. This is an important decision not to be taken lightly. Choose the wrong color and, while it may look “good enough”, it may not add much to the look of your home. But choose the right color and your home can go from “good enough” to “WOW!”.

One-color you can’t go wrong with is black. While black windows have been around for a while, they continue to stay on trend year after year. They provide so much in the way of design that they are truly versatile for just about every style. Let’s look at some of the reasons you should choose black windows.

1. Black Windows Create a Frame

Do you have a beautiful outside view you want to draw attention to or make a focal point? Then black windows are the way to go. Just as a simple black frame can make a painting pop, your black windows will draw attention to and frame your view to create the ultimate beautiful scene.

2. Black Windows are Great for Interior Design

Black windows are great because they are so versatile with other design styles. For example, if you want your black windows to stand out a little more, you can add black into other elements in the room such as lampshades, picture frames, or furniture. These added touches of black will draw the eye around the room and tie in the windows to the overall look.

If you would like to have the design of the room be more of the focal point, the black windows will serve as a wonderful backdrop. Feel free to add any colors or style you like for the room décor as your black windows will compliment anything.



3. Have the Best Looking House on the Blockreplacement windows Los Altos CA

Having a house that looks well maintained, classy, and cared for will have your house stand against all others. Black windows, especially on a white or light-colored home, creates crisp, clean lines that make your home look tidy and elegant.

If you have a darker-colored home and would like black windows but are worried there won’t be as much contrast as you would like, simply paint a lighter color for a trim around the windows.

4. Black Windows Stay in Style

As mentioned, black windows have been around for a while and they continue to stay on trend year after year. While they do make a statement, they don’t scream it. This leads them to be a design element that looks a little more upscale and luxurious, yet neutral enough for any space.

Considerations When Choosing Black Windows

When choosing a black window for your home, fiberglass material is a solid choice. Since this material tolerates hot and cold temperatures well, it is more resistant to warping or swelling. One great option is Milgard Ultra Series in the color Black Bean.

These durable and low-maintenance fiberglass frames even have the option to be black on the exterior and white on the interior should you choose. Whether you decide to have black on the interior, exterior, or both, your new black replacement windows in Los Altos, CA will add style to any look.

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How to Maintain Your New Windows

If you have just installed new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA., you want to keep them looking and functioning like new as long as you can. Knowing how to properly maintain them can go a long way in ensuring they last for years to come. From cleaning your windows to checking them for cracks, keep reading for tips to keep your windows like new.

Keeping Your New Windows Clean

Keeping your windows clean of dirt and debris is truly important all year round. If you have small particles such as dirt on your windows, the window can become scratched or damaged.

Also, while a little dirt here and there doesn’t look like much, if left unattended, the build-up can cause spots on your window to block out the natural light from coming in making your inside space dimmer.

To properly clean your windows on the inside, follow these steps:

  • Fill a large bowl with cool water and a little bit of dish soap
  • Using a microfiber cloth, use the soapy water and wipe down the top of the window down to the bottom, then dry
  • Use a home recipe or store-bought home window cleaner and spray it onto the window
  • Use a lint-free towel, paper towels, or even the newspaper to wash off

. Follow these steps to clean the outside of your windows: 

  • Wash off your windows with the hose to get rid of most of the grime and dirt
  • Just as with cleaning the inside, use a microfiber cloth and soapy water to wash away any remaining dirt
  • Rinse the window off with the hose
  • Use homemade or commercial window cleaner and spray on the window
  • If you have a rubber-bladed squeegee, use it to wipe the cleaner off, or use a lint-free towel

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Regularly Inspect Windows

Make it a point to inspect your windows on a regular and rotating basis. Look for cracks, leaks, or other signs of damage. Inspecting your windows like this will ensure you catch any damage early. If the repair is minor you may be able to fix it yourself before it grows into something bigger. Of course, always call professionals to repair if you feel it is out of your ability.

Clean and Lubricate the Window

Keeping the window track clean of debris and dirt will help it to open and close easily for years to come. One way to keep the track clean is to get a dry brush and sweep any debris away. Another thing to do is apply some oil-free lubricant to the around the track. This will also help ensure your window opens and closes smoothly.



Final Thoughts

Investing in new windows for your home is a big purchase and you want to make sure they last. Paying a little attention to your new windows and performing routine and regular maintenance will ensure they last for the many years to come.

If you have not installed new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA., yet, but considering doing so, make sure to reach out to My Window & Door Solutions. With their knowledgeable staff ready to help answer any questions you have, you can be assured you are choosing the right windows for your home.  

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How to Choose a Window Installation Company

Your home is a big investment, and it is also probably your pride and joy. Keeping your home well maintained and in tip-top shape is important to you. While it is important to maintain and repair your home, the quality of the companies that perform those repairs is just as important. This is especially true when it comes to replacement windows in Mountain View, CA.

If you choose new top-of-the-line windows, but the company that installs them does a poor job, you may be no better off than you were with your old windows. It is important to not only research the windows you want but also the companies that install them to ensure you are choosing a qualified professional. If you are not sure what to ask or what to look for, keep reading.

1. References

Reviews and references from other customers go a long way in helping you know the true culture of a company. Do your homework and look into their social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and check out their reviews. You can also research them online and see if they have any feedback on Yelp or Google.

2. Experience Service Professionals

One thing you want to check is if the company’s installers are experienced. Do they hold any certifications? How long have they been installing windows? Have they completed projects like yours in the past? Asking the company questions along with reviewing their past work should give you a good indication of how much experience they have.

replacement windows Mountain View CA

3. What Are the Lead Times?

If you are wanting your project to be completed by a certain date, ask what the company’s lead times are. There may be certain times of the year the company is more busy than normal, or perhaps they have a big project that will be taking up a lot of time. Either of these cases may mean they can’t get to your project right away. If a deadline date is important to you, make sure the company can complete it.

4. What is the Process and Timeline?

Other than the completion date, you may wish to ask about the overall process and timeline. How do they work? What are the steps to installing your new windows? Do they foresee any issues? Make sure you have a clear understanding of the process and the timeline before you hire the company.

5. Warranty or Guarantee

Last, but certainly not least, does the company offer any warranty on the windows or guarantee for their work? Make sure you know exactly what is covered should something go wrong by going over any warranties and guarantees thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing new home windows is a big investment and you want to make sure that the installation is done right. By taking your time and doing a little homework, you can make sure you choose the perfect company you feel confident about.

When choosing replacement windows in Mountain View, CA., contact My Window & Door Solutions. Their friendly staff will be happy to discuss their experience, past reviews, and answer any other questions you may have so you know they are the right professionals for your job.