5 Window Styles for Superior Ventilation

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Windows primarily provide natural light and ventilation, especially in areas where the climate is relatively moderate year-round. And when designing a home, window placement and window styles are some of the most important decisions. Which replacement windows in Mountain View, CA are best for natural ventilation? It depends on your needs, desire, and the configuration of the room. But here are some suggestions that can set you on the right path:

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows allow for superior ventilation. The traditional window style features one sash that hinges to the side of the window frame and swings out to open. You can get complete control over ventilation by opening the window with just a crack or swinging it fully open. These windows are modern, secure, and timeless. They work well in almost any room in the house but are especially useful in hard-to-reach areas like above the kitchen sink or behind the living room couches.

2. Awning Windows

Awning windows are another product gaining popularity. These windows are much like casement windows, in that they are a single sash that uses a hinge to open and close. But instead of having hinges at the side of the window frame, awning windows hinge at the top of the frame and push outward to open. These windows are an excellent choice for ventilation because the glass creates a roof over the window opening. This allows you to open the windows even if it is raining outside.

3. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a popular choice for many reasons. They are easy to manufacture, easy to install, and easy to operate. There are not as many mechanical parts and absolutely no concerns about weight-bearing hinges. Sliding windows are configured so that one sash remains fixed while the other sash slides horizontally back and forth. These windows usually have a wider orientation and do not take up any extra space to open and close. These are such a classic and versatile window style it is no wonder they appear in almost every home.

4. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are another traditional window style. These windows have a more vertical orientation, making them taller than they are wide. And one sash slides up and down inside the window frame on riggings of springs and balances. The other sash remains fixed. Just like sliding windows, single-hung windows do not require any extra space to open and close. These windows can work well in any area of the home but are particularly attractive when used in a series of windows or as part of a larger window installation.

replacement windows in Mountain View, CA

5. Double-Hung Windows

These windows take single-hung windows to the next level because both sashes slide up and down inside the frame. They are ideal for ventilation because they encourage natural airflow. When both the upper and lower sash open at the same time, warm air flows out the top while cool air comes in through the bottom. The natural circulation will improve air quality inside the home and help create a more comfortable environment.

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