5 Ways to Add Light to Your Home

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In the past couple of years, people have been spending more time in their homes. With more time spent in the home means more inside activities such as working on puzzles, reading, and working from a home office. Having a home with proper lighting for these actives is important. From lightbulbs to installing replacement windows in Los Altos, CA., there are many ways to ensure your home has the right amount of light.

Check out these tips for adding light into your home.

Ceiling Fan Lights

If you have a room with a ceiling fan that doesn’t have a light, consider changing it out for one that does. Overhead light like this can be a great addition to just about any room. And with so many ceiling fans to choose from, it’s also a great opportunity to upgrade the look and design of the room.


This is something so simple, but by simply changing the wattage or tone of your lightbulbs can have a huge impact on the lighting of a room. For example, if you have a room that needs to be bright for tasks such as reading or working on a puzzle consider a halogen bulb as they produce a whiter light that is perfect for such tasks.

Install Track Lighting

With track lighting being so versatile, it makes a great option in just about any space. What makes it so great is that you can aim the lighting wherever you need it most at the time. This makes it a great choice for almost any area of your house.

Change the Window Treatments

Do you have heavy, dark curtains that don’t allow the natural light to come in? Those may be great in your bedroom but not so much in rooms you need more light. Ditch those for a lighter choice. One popular fabric is sheer curtains. They offer privacy while allowing light to come in. If you have windows that don’t back up to neighbors and you aren’t too concerned with privacy, opt for a window shade that you can put all the way up in the daytime allowing all of the natural light to come in.

Replace Your Windows

Even if you change your window treatment, if you have old, dingy windows, you are going to be missing out on a lot of natural light. With spending so much more time at home, now is a perfect time to install new replacement windows. These are especially great in rooms like your home office where the natural day light can boost your mood and your productivity.

Final Thoughtsreplacement windows in Los Altos, CA

With people spending more time at home, proper home lighting is becoming more important. Make sure your family has the lighting they need. From the family room to the home office, there are several ways to add additional lighting in any area.

If you are ready to fill your home with the most natural light possible, and ready to install replacement windows in Los Altos, CA., be sure to call My Window & Door Solutions for your all your new window needs. Their friendly staff is happy to help you choose your perfect windows.