3 Common Issues with Windows and Doors in Winter

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With every season changing, you should be sure to inspect your windows and doors. His will help prevent common issues and ensure your products last as long as possible. It also means you can catch minor problems in the early stages before they become more serious issues. Winter is especially harsh on windows and doors. And even with new replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA, you will want to watch out for these problems. Because a simple oversight by the installer means even your new windows can experience problems.

Issues with Windows and Doors to Watch for in Winter

Here are some of the most common problems and things that might potentially go wrong with your windows and doors during the cold season:

1. Air and Moisture Leaks

Manufacturers design windows to keep air and moisture out of the home. But eventually, the seals and parts will start to wear out and break down. Gaps will form in the assembly, and windows will leak. Even the smallest crack could prove to be a major problem. Aside from paying for a home energy audit, do you know how to test for window and door leaks? A simple way is by putting your hand close to the frame and feeling for airflow. For smaller leaks, you can close all the windows and doors in the home and run all the exhaust fans. Then pass a stick of incense or a smoking match stick around the window frame. If the smoke pulls towards you, then you likely have a window leak and need to reseal it with caulk or insulation.

2. Icing on the Windows

If your caulk or weather stripping has failed, it could mean more than just air is getting into the home. It also means moisture leaks. And ice will form in any open space between the frame and the window. And when it freezes, the cracks will get bigger, allowing more moisture into the space, and the cycle continues. Icing will make it difficult to open and close the windows. It can also damage the window or door frames and the hardware. And you will also have to worry about moisture damage. Not something to look forward to when things start to thaw in the spring.

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3. Condensation on Interior Surfaces and Between the Panes

Condensation is another common problem with windows in the winter. In most cases, fogging on the interior or exterior surface is only temporary and will self-correct with a change in temperature and humidity. But if you notice fogging between the panes, this signifies that you have a leaky window. The inert gas trapped between the pans for insulation has likely leaked out. And when it gets replaced with normal air (full of moisture) it will start to fog and freeze. Your windows no longer provide the efficiency they should, and the only solutions are replacement windows.

Notice Issues with Your Windows? Give Us a Call

If you have noticed any of the above problems with your windows, it is time to call the experts. We can help you get top-quality replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA to suit your home and your budget.

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