10 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows

replacement windows in Los Altos, CA

When shopping for replacement windows in Los Altos, CA one of the first things you decide on is the frame material for new windows. Most products come in vinyl, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. These materials each come with unique advantages and disadvantages to consider before making a final decision. Here are some of the advantages of vinyl windows.

Variety of Colors and Styles

When it comes to deciding on new windows, homeowners like to have options. They don’t like being limited. With vinyl windows, there is plenty of quality, neutral colors that complement almost any home. And, manufacturers make vinyl windows in almost every shape and style – so options are not limited there.


Vinyl windows are easy to manufacture and are often the most affordable products on the market. It is one of the reasons why these windows are so popular. The price point on these products can work for almost any budget. And just because they are more affordable does not mean they are cheaply made.

Increased Comfort

Vinyl is a naturally insulating material. This means these windows will help keep the cold air out in the winter and trap the cold air inside during the summer. These new windows will make your home less drafty and more comfortable during all seasons of the year, but especially in areas with more moderate climate fluctuations.

Lower Utility Bills

Better insulation means lower utility bills. The HVAC system will not have to work as hard to keep the home comfortable. That also means you can prolong the life of your central air when you invest in new windows.

Less Noise Penetration

Soundproofing is an important feature to think about when shopping for new windows. Vinyl is one material that helps dull unwanted noise transmission. Combine these frames with laminated glass and you can really decrease the amount of noise leaking into the home. It can become the most peaceful oasis seemingly overnight.

Good Durability

Vinyl windows are water and UV resistant. That means they can withstand the forces of nature in ways other materials cannot. These products will not warp, fade, rust, rot, or get infested by pests. They are built for longevity, and with proper maintenance, you can get vinyl windows to last 15 years or more.

Low Maintenance

Speaking of proper maintenance, vinyl windows do not require very much. These products are easy to clean with mild detergent and water. Routine scrubbing on the interior and exterior surfaces will keep these windows looking new.

Simpler Installation

Vinyl windows are lightweight and easy for the installation crews to maneuver and fit in place. This translates to savings on your labor and installation costs.

Boost Curb Appeal

Vinyl windows have come a long way in the last few decades. Manufacturers have trimmed down the bulky frames and now vinyl windows look better than ever. They will help boost the attractiveness of your home both inside and out.

replacement windows in Los Altos, CA

Increased Home Value

Looking to sell your home? Replacement windows are one home improvement that can increase the value of your home and give you an excellent return on your investment.

What do you think? Are vinyl replacement windows in Los Altos, CA the right fit for your home? Come stop by our showroom and check out these products in person to find out more.

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