10 Common Reasons Why You Have Drafty Windows

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Now is the time to check your old windows for leaks or drafts and decide if it is time for replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA. Colder months are ahead, and the last thing you want is for the cold to have easy access to your home. it will make the areas of your house uncomfortable and drive up your energy costs for heating and cooling. So here are just a few of the reasons why your windows might feel drafty so you can correct the problem as soon as possible.

1. Faulty Installation

When it comes to replacement windows, the product often is only as good as the installation. You can get the most expensive and high-quality products on the market, but they will be useless without proper installation. This is the main reason why you should not do DIY window installation. One mistake could lead to drafts, leaks, or worse.

2. Cheap Windows

When shopping for new windows, some homeowners feel the need to find the most affordable options possible. This can be a drawback because low-quality products will produce low-quality results. Builder-grade windows are some of the cheapest products on the market, but they will develop leaks and not last nearly as long as higher-quality products made from better materials.

3. Seals Broken During Shipment

In some cases, the seals on replacement windows can break during transportation. This isn’t nearly as common, but is something to consider and why it is so important to check your new windows for drafts the moment they get installed.

4. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

Weather can have a significant impact on windows and their condition. Extreme heat or cold fluctuations put a lot of added stress on the seals of your windows. It can cause materials to break down and create drafts.

5. Inadequate Maintenance

If windows are going to last, then regular maintenance is so important. It is also important to take care of windows with proper maintenance. There is never any reason to use harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean windows. Power washers are another common cause of drafts and leaks.

6. Leaks and Freezing

In most cases, a small leak will become a large leak over time. This is because moisture collects inside the gaps and if it gets cold enough to freeze, the gaps widen.

7. Mold Build-Up

Another reason leaks are a problem is because of unaddressed mold. When moisture seeps into the tracks or gets inside the walls it can cause all kinds of damage. Mold and mildew are hazardous, not only to your health but also to the substructures of the home.

8. Cracking from Damage

Blunt force is a common problem for windows. Any time glass gets broken, even if it is just a small crack on the exterior pane, it should be cause for concern.

replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA

9. Warping

Extreme heat and UV damage can warp window frames and result in leaks. This is why it is critical to choose high-performing materials for replacement windows.

10. Normal Wear and Tear

Eventually, the parts on all windows will wear out and break down. But hopefully, you get plenty of use out of them – at least fifteen years. That is how long replacement windows in Los Gatos, CA should last before developing drafts.

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